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Fetch the Cane – CALSTAR

29 Aug

MF/f; year: 1986; time: 20 minutes

‘Carol,’ an American teeny-bopper type, chatters on the phone, legs spread with panties on display. Her British stepmother takes the phone away and criticizes her for smoking, drinking, and goofing off. The stepmother will call ‘Thomas,’ the girl’s father. Stage set.

Thomas arrives, a familiar American CalStar operative. They discuss the need for caning. “I don’t want to mark her right away. I’ll give her a good spanking first.” She goes OTK, panties pulled down. Stepmom takes over, harder and louder. Thomas assists and takes her panties “right off,” as he says in all his films. She is sent to the bathroom and made to pee and bring back the cane.

Kneeling on the couch, the first two strokes leave clear marks; then more over a barstool–a lot of colorful squawking and positioning. Lovely closeups of a bottom which really shows marks quickly. On the floor, up again, all clothes off, then into the bathroom nude, where an enema has been prepared. A rough session for poor Carol today.

We don’t see the enema procedure (it is 1986); Carol is back in the sitting room, calmed down, still nude but for knee socks. Back OTK for more spanking from both parents. Squirming continues, but we guess a trip back to the bathroom is always available if needed.

Rent Collector – CHEEKY

29 Aug

M/f; time: 57 minutes

Another long performance from the CP actress ‘Brigella,’ nothing much more than dialogue and her bottom for spanking. Brigella sits on her couch, agonizing over her bills, when her male landlord enters the room, carrying a large bag.

He scolds her for a full 9 minutes of the film before he suggests that “corporal punishment” may forestall rent payment for a week or so. Brigella does not look as surprised as she might have been. He forces her to say: “I agree to corporal punishment.”

The spanking begins at the 13 minute mark. She is taken OTK and spanked on her beige slacks, and soon stands to drop them, in favor of black panties. Back OTK, the landlord soon tugs down the pants. The spanking proceeds, through the use of a hairbrush, two paddles, his belt, and a riding crop. We saw the cane come out of the bag first. Briggy changes positions, bend-over, kneel on a chair, over the back of a chair, etc. She knows how to push out her bottom for us.

At 39 minutes, when the landlord starts to remove her top: “Oh, come on.”

The caning begins at 48 minutes and will last a full 10 minutes, typical of her films and the principal reason she was so popular. There were probably repeats; we counted about 45 strokes, some of which curl her toes. Next week, no money, more of the cane.

Spanked for Jack – NUWEST

29 Aug

M/2f; time: 26 minutes

NuWest claims to have made this film for a famous ‘Jack’ movie actor. We hope they made more than this one for him.

‘Katie’ and ‘Jodi Cline’ lie nude on a bed on the tile-room set, pillows under their hips. Ed Lee will do the spankings. The girls pass back and forth a hand-held video camera to film their facials and to address ‘Jack’ while they are spanked, part of his ‘fetish.’

Lee moves from bottom to bottom with a strap, a few strokes each, the scene repeated from various angles, with the face-cam shots inserted. Silly stuff, except of course for two well-turned bottoms.

Katie tries to talk dirty to Jack. She must know how to do it, but not here. This routine is repeated for the full 26 minutes.

A Feel For the Cane – CALSTAR

29 Aug

F/f; year: 2008; time: 16 minutes

A brief CalStar filler; two girls on the white CalStar sectional couch. A voluptuous blonde, ‘J.D.,’ is enamoured of a guy, but her girlfriend admonishes: “He’s a nice guy but he canes really hard.” Her brunette friend wonders if J.D. could take it. We know we must resolve this question.

The brunette will spank and cane J.D. and if she passes, she’ll call the guy and recommend J.D. to him. Full-length OTK on the couch, skimpy panties down, for a long handspanking, and J.D. is really squirming, already.

On her feet, into the bend-over, hands-on-couch, locked-knee, high bottom posture, for the cane. Over 30 strokes are shown. The girls exchange sexy conversation during the strokes, which may have been prevented using repeated strokes. She passes the test. The brunette gets the guy on the phone to tell him, “what bad friends I’ve got.” There might be a sequel around of this story–we’d like to see their first ‘date.’ Or at least, every time a willing girl is hanging around the studio, throw together one of these episodes.

Jessica and Brandi Punished Together – REALSPANKING

29 Aug

Time: 57 minutes

A series of spankings for the two REALSPANKING actresses, brunette ‘Brandi’ and strawberry blond ‘Jessica.’ Both girls have been spanked every which way for this producer, but they can act!

Miss ‘Dee’ spanks them to cool off a dispute the roommates have over their phone bill. They must undress “completely.” RSI does very well with nude spankings. Various settings to display these two trim and young bodies. They sit on stools, spank each other, and move about. Dee urges them to spank each other harder.

Dee gives some punishment in the “lunge position,” we have called it the “bridge” when we were less informed about the CP world.

There are scenes in the RSI bedroom and in the main room with the fireplace. In one, the two naked girls lie side by side over a large hassock, very nice, for a strapping.

In a final scene, Brandi and Jessica are joined by two other girls and caught drinking by Dee. She will spank them all and calls in webmaster ‘Michael Masterson’ to assist. He is always available.

More Breast Whipping – NUWEST

29 Aug

year: 2005; time: 27 minutes

A bit bizarre from NuWest; all filmed on NW’s patio/deck. A statuesque brunette, topless, is bound to a post, her wrists low behind her back, facing us of course, for the breast whipping. ‘Jodi Cline’ circles her with a short whip. Jodi wears a top and tight pantyhose. She begins whipping the girl’s impressive breasts. No dialogue, just squeals. Jodi tweaks her nipples. The scene was filmed at night, with acceptable muted lighting. [traffic and aircraft noises in San Marcos, plus the squeals].Jodi spreads baby oil on her boobs to conclude.

‘Vanna’ whips, we think it is ‘Karen,’ in the daylight in the same setting. She isn’t vague about it. “You laugh now…you’re going to get your tits whipped.” Karen takes it pretty well, which surprises Vanna a bit. “You like that, don’t you?” “Don’t you?”

A crowd scene! Three girls are fastened to poles on the lanai. Vanna: “So, you girls won’t be having your boyfriends play with your tits any time soon.” There are two blondes we didn’t recognize, and the wonderful ‘Katie.’ Vanna moves and whips among the three. Squeals. She concludes by rubbing each with ice cubes.

Naughty Novac Sisters – CALSTAR

29 Aug

M/2f; year: 2006; time: 55 minutes
British adult actor ‘Jack Uppitt’ kept it going into social security eligibility and then some. He made many demonic and nasty little CP films with girls one-third his age. This film may be one ofhis most wicked in his CP work; it least, it is a favorite of ours.

‘Mr. Johnson,’ a resident girls school official, will deal with the ‘Novac’ sisters. The two blondes wait outside his office, looking none too happy, because they know his evil ways. He arrives and leaves them fidgeting. His office is nothing more than a sitting room somewhere with the furniture pushed aside and bedsheets over the floor to ceiling windows to reduce the glare.

He calls the girls in; they are “foreign students” and have messed up their passports; for some reason they are going to be punished for it, probably because Johnson can get away with it. After a long scolding and some backtalk from the girls, Johnson will begin the spanking.

‘Angela’ Novac goes OTK first; Johnson goes right for the black panties. ‘Jessica’ Novac is OTK next, she wears white panties. “There are 200 girls here…those who disobey me get punished…open your legs…you’re staying in here the rest of the afternoon.” Johnson takes her panties down. She begs. “What? Don’t you dare!”

“Angela Novac, come here.” He literally yanks her knickers down. OTK again. “You’re crying already?” “Get your legs open, get ’em open.” He must say that 25 times in this film, and in all his films. Some male CP disciplinarians fancy the bottom; we’d say Uppitt likes pussy.
He gets angry when the girls speak. The girls’ clothing is gradually disappearing.

Jessica next, knickers off and skirt off. No bra. OTK again, almost naked, Johnson works a knee between her legs. Full puss. “You’re going to please me, aren’t you, any way I want you to please me.” “Yes, sir.”

Angela is spanked again. Johnson spreads her buttocks just for fun. “Take your shirts and ties off.” “Why? one sister asks, infuriating Johnson. Both girls are naked and shaved down to a pencil thin Mohawk. Plenty of frontals for Johnson. He smacks both vaginas with vertical slaps, to the squeals of the girls, who certainly know where this ends up.

Johnson is moving the naked girls to caning. Jessica bends over the couch. Johnson puts a cane between her cheeks. “Clench it.” He begins with the black paddle, legs open (always). Excellent facials, her large boobs hang delightfully. CalStar keeps the screen filled with pink flesh, one blonde or the other or both. Jessica back talks, so Johnson takes off his belt and makes her count out 10 strokes. When he is finished her grabs handfuls of breast. “You’re going to please me,” and smacks more pussy.

Angela is paddled next, same fondle. Johnson actually bends to suck her nipples. She gets 10 of the belt.

Now the cane, “10 strokes each.” Jessica first, but some nipple first. She leans over the arm of the couch. Jessica counts out her 10, there are clear marks and wheals. “Come back later to please me.” “Yes, sir.”

Angela over for the cane next, Johnson positioning her bottom carefully for the camera. 10-count. Strokes ripen as we watch. Johnson’s aim is wild here-a few low on the thighs and one high, off the buttocks. “You’re going to please me in bed tonight, yes?” “Yes, sir.” He is going to be busy.

The girls must face him, “legs apart” of course. He takes each girl in turn and urges her lengthwise on the top of the couch for a frig, and it looks like the actresses didn’t want this final indignity.