Debra-Tracie’s Spanking, Caning, and Enema – NUWEST NWV-393

4 Aug

F/f; time: 25 minutes

NUWEST  gets it all done in this video. ‘Tracie’ arrives at the townhouse/condo set. ‘Debra’ has left a message on the answering machine. She has learned Tracie has skipped work and gone to the racetrack. So, Tracie is to change into schoolgirl clothing, prepare the enema bag and gurney, and be waiting nose in the corner when Debra comes home.

At the appointed 5:30, Debra arrives, and Tracie is in position. We watched her dress, a gentle nudie scene which we find adds to the erotic tension. Tracie is a cute and sophisticated brunette. She made a trip to the medical room and got the gurney and enema bag in place. This is a ritual.

Debra scolds as she puts on rubber gloves; she will take Tracie OTK, the white schoolgirl panties come down, and Debra starts with a rectal temperature-taking, done with an effective closeup. No faking this. Then, a brief spanking, and another temperature check. Tracie certainly has the bottom to hold our attention.

They march to the gurney in another room. Tracie is directed to strip all her clothes off except her white knee socks. Debra takes some satisfaction in saying: “I have a little something for you before your enema, young lady!” Tracie must bend naked over the end of the gurney for the cane, 6 sharp strokes which seem to have surprised her. Very nice.

Enema time. Tracie climbs up onto the gurney, on her knees, thighs spread, head low, anus fully exposed. The lubricant is cold–Tracie jumps. Very good facials as Tracie anticipates the insertion. She is one of NUWEST’s  better actresses. Time for the insertion. Debra explains with demonic delight: “This is actually a douche nozzle, to increase the discomfort.” Slow closeup insertion, pained facials, water release. Constant scolding.

At 23 minutes, Tracie gets off the gurney and must stand and hold before she is allowed to run off the toilet, which is upstairs for some reason–surely so we can watch her bottom bound up the stairs.

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