Six of the Best – CALSTAR

4 Aug

M/f; year: 1988; time: 44 minutes

An oldie and harmlessly entertaining. Occasionally you will see in CP film advertising “Not for the faint of heart.” For the weak ones, here is a film which CAN be seen by the faint of heart. The cast is the bawdy ‘George Harrison Marks’ crew, here under the CALSTAR imprimatur, and the setting is a familiar one, a men’s “caning club” (at Hotel Derriere?), where female employees and guests occasionally find themselves having to give it up in front of everyone, at the slightest provocation. This performance provides some historical fun, with a touch of Monty Python. We see many of the ageplay male spankers from BIZARRE, KANE,ROUE, CALSTAR, all connoisseurs of the finely turned female bottom, gathered here at the club.

Brunette ‘Kathy’ and blond ‘Jay’ are two well-traveled barmaids. At the bar they discuss each other’s breasts and examine new nipple rings. They kiss and fondle, then find a couch in an adjoining room, leaf through a KANE  Magazine Kathy has posed in, strip to panties and garter belt and begin some harmless lesbian action. Kathy persuades Jay to join her in the excitement of working at the Caning Club. The “manageress” of the club, herself slinky in latex, catches them half-naked and sends them back to work. Already we have three bottoms we can asterisk for later attention.

A big bar scene, all the familiar characters,  George Harrison Marks (as ‘Sir Larry’ here) finds his pretext and takes Jay OTK in front of the crowd. The spanking is mild, but the concept is erotic. Two male customers assist in holding her still. If you are a female, this bar scene is going to be like the ‘Star Wars’ scene. Jay’s friend Kathy protests her treatment and earns a caning for interfering. ‘Eric,’ a new member, will give Kathy six of the best. We have seen him devote fiendish loving attention to the female bottom several times–our favorite so far is in ‘Hot Young Cheeks.’ Kathy is held down over a stool, mild strokes but instant marks. The camera shoots from the floor. Eric’s peversion is best illustrated when he lays the fifth stroke on the crease between the buttocks and the thighs, what he calls “This nice little sitting down bit.” Ouch. the club cheers.

The manageress is angry and grabs old ‘Sir William,’ another geezer, who has been harrying one of the girls within his reach–if you are female you can’t walk across the room in this club. Everyone is randy. She canes Sir William on HIS trousers, again to cheers. She is a lovely Domme from the same cast. Sir Larry’s guest arrives, ‘Sir Niger Appleby.’ They look at Sir Larry’s KANE publications–some of the models are right here live in the club.

The humor continues. An attractive female police officer comes in–Sir Niger is illegally parked. He must ben driving the only Bentley. The men grab the officer and strip her completely naked and turn her over to Niger and sing Happy Birthday to him. He spanks away and is so excited we hope he can finish before something else happens. The officer is a cute and not completely convincing struggler. The men in the club fondle the nearest bottom as they watch the hubbub. Turns out of course the officer is a pro, hired for Niger’s birthday.

What is this? Another female officer barges in, and attractive again. Larry thinks she is another stripper, but she is real. The men jump her and strips her down to just stockings. She struggles realistically, but submits. When she is told “This is a caning club,” the officer is converted and wants to be initiated. She gets the martinet, bent over, legs wide, completely exposed, The film ends wit the classic scene, everyone at the bar, men in 3-piece suits and the women naked.

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