The Miscreant – CALSTAR

4 Aug

M/f; time: 26 minutes

An old and entertaining CALSTAR, with the ‘Tallion’ and ‘SpankingForPleasure’ ID, It is a prequel to ‘Corrective Therapy Unit;’ here we see the serial shoplifter ‘Penny Wise’ caught stealing jewelry. The retail store owner, a familiar and effective CalStar Domme, gets right on the case. It will be the police, “However, we do have an alternative…” We know what that is, and here the private solution includes a trip later to the Corrective Therapy Unit. In fact this actress did perform in one of the segments in that video, for the same charge of repeated shoplifting.

In the store office, the Domme locks the door. “Stand up and take off your clothes.” Penny doesn’t actually get that far–the Domme is too excited, and Penny is taken OTK first. The Domme spanks very hard on her dress. Penny cusses her, which we know is never a good idea. Penny does then lose her pants. The Domme has her tawse handy, which Penny apparently remembers all too well from her first visit to the CTU. Over the desk, pants down, for 25 good ones. “A good tawsing does a world of good.”

The Domme twirls a martinet, with which Penny feigns unfamiliarity. She gets a hard 30 and can’t hold back “Stop, you bitch!” That costs her the crop over the desk, about 40 fast ones, too crisp to count, then even more over a straight chair.

Finally the cane appears. Does Penny remember it? “I hate it.” The Domme is happy to remind her she will be “eating dinner off the mantelpiece.” Only about 8 strokes, a lot of bawling. Some bad news for Penny–the Domme happens to have been scheduled for a refresher course at the CTU, so Penny is not finshed with her.

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