Army Stripes – MOONGLOW

5 Aug

2MF/5f; time: 60 minutes

A comical costume drama; Army sergeants spank their female recruits in the squad room. Everyone wears heavy wool uniforms reminiscent of WW II image. The film opens when the male sergeant catches two girls sitting when they should be working. He spanks them on the spot, an event of little note except for the way discipline can be carried out in this outfit.

The film features a number of the identified MOONGLOW actresses–Liza Hughes, Jane Wright, Sandra, Lesley, and the wonderful Allison Payne.

A woman NCO comes in, takes over the spanking from the sergeant, then complains to him about why he was doing it, then is grabbed OTK herself for her trouble. Still no hard action, just a circus.
The sergeant will spank the girls again, using a sole. The girls are lined up against the wall, then bent over a chair, thongs down for the cane. The British Army girls finally have to strip off their heavy uniforms.

One girl strips down so that she is wearing just her stockings and a cap. Anything for the sergeant! Frontals, bend-overs, various positions.

Fade to a new scene, “Two Weeks Later. Some People Never Learn.” The sergeant catches three girls playing cards, one is ‘Allison Payne.’ It will be the cane, panties down. Allison is brought into the squad room, panties down, she kneels on the two chairs for the cane. the actress keeps up her usual ad lib banter as the punishment proceeds. Almost 35 strokes are shown, surely repeats, but the longer this bottom is on the screen the better. Her part is all too short. Another girl gets about 15 strokes over the chairs.

“Another Time Another Place” a hefty female is reading regulations posted on the squad room wall. She is then seen being caned panties down over a trestle by a different male. She is scolded, “Just because there is a war on, it doesn’t mean we can take everyone for a ride.” 15 strokes, sniffles.

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