Beach Girl Spankings #6 – RAVENHILL

5 Aug

M/2f; time: 1 hr 4 minutes

Producers Richard Lewis and Tierre Ainese patrol the beaches of the west coast of Florida looking for girls to come back to their beach condo and be spanked on film for money.

After a lengthy debate, ‘Alicia’ and ‘Desiree,’ two not-so-shy girls from Chicago, agree to give it a try. They want to know about the camera, the film, the use of the film, etc. Alicia agrees to go first. “You have to take your (bikini) bottoms down so I have a bare ass,” says Tierre, with his wry style. Alicia reaches to start the five-minute hour glass and the warmup spanking proceeds. The girls look quite amateur. Desiree is spanked next in the same way.

For the second round, Alicia hesitates before she selects the “hockey puck” marked ‘belt.’ She bends over a barstool, Tierre’s referred position for the belt, and the hour glass begins. Desiree selects ‘the strap.’ After each session, the girls hurry to replace their skimpy thongs, although the cats are long out of the bag.

For the final round, the courageous and cooperative girls select the ‘strap’ and the ‘cane.’ Desiree gets the cane, which is not subject to the five minute sands, but 25 strokes. She is jumping very quickly in surprised pain.

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