The Major’s Crop – CALSTAR

5 Aug

M/f; time: 29 minutes

An old TALLION, another ageplay. ‘Toni’ and ‘Janet,’ two young and rambunctious working girls on the Major’s equestrian estate, are exercising a horse which was meant to be resting for an upcoming race. Toni is seen using a crop on the horse, which lights up the Major’s imagination.

The Major, a Fawlty Towers Horse of Lords type in a three-piece suit and fedora best left at the studio after the filming, intercepts Toni and decides to punish her right on the spot. She is his “head girl” and doesn’t appear to have bargaining power with him. She is quickly bent over a fence rail, then over his knee with her britches partially down. Her protestations of “This is stupid” are delightfully wasted, because her pants are quickly dragged to her ankles, leaving her pink bottom shining in the sunlight. “My dear, this is only the preliminary”; and she is to get “the second half of this back at the house.” She is given one hour to groom the horse and herself and report to the lounge. Sounds good to us. Harpsichord transition soundtrack.

Toni is cleaned up, and the Major (he’s a devil) awaits in his smoking jacket in a pleasant sitting room by the fireplace. Nothing like a single malt and a young bottom to wile away the afternoon. Toni is in fact the frizzy well-stacked blonde who gets very hard spankings in several of our favorites–“College Classics #2” and “Preliminary Inyterviews.” She gets more bawling out, but soon: “Take off your jacket and lower your britches.” She is spanked with a sole, nothing but the minimal black thong to protect her. She must fetch a strap herself off a hook and kneel on the couch. She twists her little bottom, but there is no escape.

The Major has gotten his crop–one for sitting room and one for the barn, appears to be the easiest way to run the household. “If the horse can take it, you can take it.” Toni fights back but the Major gets her pants back down (she had pulled them up) and lays on 30 rousing strokes, followed by 40 leaning over the couch. The fireplace is there, so let’s use it. Toni is mantelpiec’d. The Major says she has been humiliated by the treatment of his horse, so it is Toni’s turn to be humiliated. “Take off your clothes.” the Major sips his Scotch and contemplates her in the nude, hands-on-head. It is worth a pause and maybe a refill. Time is taken in each video this actress makes for a nude contemplation.

“Are you ready for the final phase?” A stiffer crop this time, 18 good ones over the mantelpiece and a few more kneeling genuflecting before the fire. She stands in the raw while he plays with her breasts with the crop and completes the torture.

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