Games Schoolgirls Play – MOONGLOW

6 Aug

M2F/f; time: 1 hr. 12 minutes

Three seasoned CP veterans, ‘Catherine Corbett,’ ‘Sarah Harvey Lewis,’ and ‘Tom Cooper,’ in a long spanking exercise, the point of which is not clear until the end. Corbett, as ‘Emily,’ and Lewis as ‘Sarah,’ sit and chat, a bit post-graduate in their schoolgirl uniforms. They talk and giggle about spanking at school and what it was like.

They decide to have some fun with each other. Emily wants to experience spanking, so first, Emily will spank Sarah. Emily takes her OTK. We are on the wood-paneled set Moonglow has used many times. Handspanking, fun and games so far. Black knickers. Stand, bend over for a paddle, panties down. Emily is getting a bit intense and Sarah complains she is going too far. “I’ve never seen you like this before.”

Soft martinet, more paddles. Emily is playing tough, and we’ve seen in her other films, she can do it. When Sarah sees the cane, “You’re not really…..” “Yes, I really am.” But first a school ruler on her bare bottom. “You asked for it.” 12 strokes in a bent-over the couch position. Some tears. “I think you should touch your toes.” Three in this position.

Sarah’s long caning continues. Emily seems transfixed and in a different world as the Domme. On the couch, Sarah assumes the diaper position, holding her legs flat, doubled back over her head, so that her lower buttocks, buttocks crease, and upper thighs present a clear target, some sensitive areas not usually accessed in a CP film. “You can’t do this.”

Twenty strokes in this position. “I bet you are wishing you never said anything….open your eyes so you can watch it coming.” There must have been repeats for this very painful caning. This concludes Sarah’s session. They are going to switch. They hug. “You hurt me. You don’t know what it’s like.”

Now Sarah starts on Emily, who pretends at least not to think she should get the same. “Take your knickers down.” After a little protest, Emily shrugs, “OH, fine!” Emily is spanked on and around the couch in the same way. For the cane, “Kneel up, bottom right out.” About a dozen strokes, in clusters. Knickers gone, Sarah flicks her thighs open with the cane, 3 feet wide “I’m going to make you count.” About 20. “Now, touch your toes.” half-dozen more. Then six-of-the best. Ms. Corbett took about 50 strokes in these postures. The girls conclude these spankings with a long lesbian scene.

Ageplay actor ‘Tom Cooper’ walks onto the set. “What are you doing here, Grandpa?” Tom is going to have his fun with the girls, might as well. He puts the two bare bottoms side by side for handspanking, the martinet, and then the cane. Almost 25 more for Emily. “I should give you these to the beat of the disco.” 10 for Sarah. Then he alternates bottoms.

The scene fades, and now we see the reason for these unlikely voluntary spankings. The girls laugh and count their money from ‘Grandpa.’ “See you next week.” We assume Cooper got to watch the first part of the girls’ performance.

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