No Nonsense Stepmothers – NUWEST NWV-400

7 Aug

M2F/2f; time: 25 minutes

You’ll have to struggle through the acting and the writing here to have any fun, except of course, and yet again, for the presence of actress ‘Katie.’ She plays Ed Lee’s daughter, and she has been sassing her new stepmother, one of the NU-WEST regulars, and not much older than she is.

The stepmother reports Katie’s behavior to Lee, who clears his wife to spank her, and he will do her also when he gets home. Katie is forced to put on a little-girl dress she has been objecting to doing. Lee orders her on the phone: “You will put that dress on…you’ve earned a spanking as soon as I get home…and I will take your car away.” Lee has always had a fetish for little-girl dresses, to go with his foundation-garments fascination, throughout his production, and Katie remained able to pull it off with her ingénue looks.

After the stepmother spanks Katie, at first on her white-lace topped pantyhose and then on the bare (very nice closeups), Lee arrives at home and spanks Katie again, in her room on her bed.

In a second unrelated scene, actress ‘Jacque’ plays the stepmother. ‘Kathy’ and Katie comes bounding into the condo/townhouse set, again dressed as teenagers in the Lee tradition. Ponytails, school sweaters, bobby socks, etc. Jacque will spank her stepdaughter Katie first, and then her friend Kathy, after she has called Kathy’s mother. Standard spankings, except, we repeat, when Katie is bare.

Kathy gets spanked by her mother again when she gets home.

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