Embassy Interrogation – NEMESIS/CHEEKY

8 Aug

2M/f; time: 1 hour, three minutes

Another of the ‘Brigella’s films, without much note except that Briggy is being spanked for most of the film, as is usually the case.

She and a guy sneak into the “Brazilian Embassy” and are caught photographing documents. Two English actors play the staff. The guy is handcuffed and questioned, but Brigella is taken to another room, handcuffed, for quite a different questioning.

First she is bent over a table for a very mild handspanking on her slacks, the opening warning. When she won’t talk, the men begin a long spanking, strapping, and caning, which takes up about 50 minutes of the film.

Gradually, her slacks are dropped, her thong is pulled down, and she remains bare-bottom, in just a long shirt for most of the film. Various positions; sometimes the men spank or cane her simultaneously. Nothing severe, but it must aggregate. It is easy to see, we’ve said before, how British CP fans have praised her in the past.

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