First Experience – CALSTAR

8 Aug

F/f; time: 36 minutes

One of ‘Sophie Fennington’s’ few films, and not mentioned often in discussions of her work, probably because the spankings are not spectacular. An early SpankingForPleasure logo.But the film features Ms. Fennington doing some actual acting, and she does some bondage only alluded to in other films.

Sophie and a blond girlfriend idle the time away, drinking wine, while their husbands are at a pub (very British!). The girlfriend mentions that her husband recently spanked her for wrecking the car, an experience she found intriguing. Sophie explains that she is into CP, shows her some JANUS magazines at hand, and brings a collection of spanking implements from the next room.

Before the men come back, the girls are going to try some spanking and bondage. Into a the bedroom, a fashionable white wrought iron bed. Sophie: “What don’t you tie me up and we’ll swap, and I’ll tie you up?” She points out her new slinky black mesh body stocking. The film is largely about her body, beauty, and presence.

Sophie spread eagles face down on the bed and the girlfriend loosely ties her wrists and ankles to the frame. She kept her white high heels on in bed. The mattress is just a little too soft to display Sophie’s finer points in this position. The girlfriend slips some pillows under her hips. The girlfriend begins with the martinet, soft and sexy. “I’m going to give you a little more than you bargained for.” This is probably not possible, but it sounds good. She bunches Sophie’s body stocking and achieves some reddening.

They switch around. The girlfriend strips naked. and is similarly tied and whipped mildly with the martinet. The film ends with Sophie creaming her naked body.

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