Maid For the Birch – MOONGLOW

8 Aug

M/2f; time: 47 minutes

Two maids are caught by ‘Sir Robert’ (actor Tom Hooper) ‘pinching’ apples from the master’s orchard. ‘Lucy’ and ‘Alice’ are scolded in front of the butler and then sent to their rooms. They are going to get the birch.

Robert follows them upstairs, birch bundles in hand. Lucy will be birched first. He shows her an apple. “That is going to be the color of your bottom.” “Oh, sir.” Nightdress skirt up, bloomers down, OTK handspanking, then the hairbrush for warmup. Birches in wait. Lucy arranges pillows on the bed, then lies over them, seeming to know what to do.

The birching is quite extraordinary. We counted almost 150 strokes, delivered in bunches, as it were, fast and slow. Not hard, but a lot of them. Robert places the apple next to her buttocks. Not quite, but he came close.

To Alice’s room (the same set). She gets about half the birching. Robert reminds her, about the punishment, “You’ll remember this from the workhouse.”

In a new scene, Sir Robert is now in a tuxedo and he is going to cane his two maids. Lucy is called downstairs first. “You’re getting a severe caning…bend over, take those knickers down.” He admires the birch coloring from earlier, warms her again with handspanking and a sole, then she gets 12 strokes of the cane, bottom full-screen, time for a bottom rub, then at least 12 more.

Alice is summoned next; Robert admires her coloring, rewarms her with some smacks, then lays on an enormous caning, which must have included repeats. We tried to count–almost 40 strokes, interrupted by some delicious flinches from Alice when Robert teased her with swooshes. He is amazed. “Your bottom is hardly marked.”

The girls are sent to bed, howling now more than during the punishment. They will be inspected at breakfast.

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