Mommy Discipline-Katerina and Michelle – NUWEST

8 Aug

F/2f; time: 22 minutes

‘Debra,’ in a latter day appearance at NuWest, makes herself a cocktail and will now deal with two of her female employees, who have messed up on the job, will now be punished, and have been required to put on schoolgirl uniforms.

They must call her ‘Mommy.’ “Your bare bottoms are going to be spanked tonight.” ‘Katerina,’ a small blonde, is taken OTK first. He flails convincingly on Debra’s lap during a bare bottom handspanking. She is sent to the corner. Only fleeting facials.

Brunette ‘Michelle’ is next. Jet black hair, big boobs threatening under a tight top. She gets the same OTK treatment. We will never see her face in the film.

After a lot of scolding, the girls are sent upstairs to a bedroom. Debra prepares a bulb enema. She, or someone, must enjoy the addition of an enema scene in a spanking film, because they appeared more and more with her. The girls are kneeling side by side on the bed, heads down, bottoms up. Debra does both girls in acceptable closeups, before they are allowed to scramble to separate bathrooms.

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