Petite Protegee – SHADOWLANE

8 Aug

F/f; year: 2014; time: 38 minutes

Actresses ‘Snow Mercy’ and ‘Violet October’ struggle through a little sorority caper. Blond Snow is going to be punished by brunette Violet, who tries to act dour and matronly as an older sorority sister. We hope this film was pulled from Shadowlane archives and is NOT a 2014 production, because nothing has evolved at SH.

‘Penelope’ is having her ‘disciplinary review.” “What the hell is that?” “Do you know what we do….we do over the knee spanking.” There follows a little OTK and bend-over spanking, the actresses seem to find some mirth in, for there is not much else to find. Snow loses an earring in the tussle. “What don’t you grab your ankles while you’re down there?”

Mostly naked now, paddle. “A little more humiliation.” All-fours on a bench. Back OTK; Snow’s bottom is getting red and maybe the humor is fading. Violet points out the round bruises she has created with the hairbrush. Snow has to put on a tarty maid’s outfit on-screen and is spanked some more is various positions. Shadowlane’s cat wanders casually through the scene.

The film ends with a spanking with a paddle, on which the letters “LEZ” are burned, explaining the casual leisure of this whole affair.

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