Tammy’s Special Punishment – NUWEST

8 Aug

F/f; time: 27 minutes

Actress ‘Tammy,’ a look-alike of ‘Jacque,’ meets with ‘probation officer’ ‘Debra,’ who claims to have come off retirement to deal with Tammy, who will be required to live with her for a year and undergo continuous humiliation as a “little girl” in a “special probation program.”

Tammy can’t control a smile at Debra’s corny lines and terrible acting. “Is this funny to you?” Debra will give her baths, no more showers; daily panty inspection with penalties; no makeup; no stockings; no phones or TV; no adult clothes. The scolding and preamble on the couch with her personnel folder takes a full 10 minutes of the film.

Tammy is sent upstairs to change into little girl clothing, providing a nude scene (and of course reducing the spanking time even more on the film). She reports to Debra; all the dresses she will be wear have been hemmed up to expose white panties in the back. Silly, but we love it.

After 15 minutes, Debra finally begins the spanking. White panties down–there’s that bubble-butt. Is this Jacque?

In another scene, she failed panty inspection and so is spanked on the bed on polka-dot panties with a hairbrush. Debra adds a touch she is very good at–she takes Tammy’s temperature rectally. More hairbrush, and a torturous amount of talking.

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