Class of ’97 – CALSTAR

11 Aug

2M/3f; time: 58 minutes

Another excellent entry from the ‘Class of’ and ‘College Classics’ series assembled by CalStar. These films usually contain self-contained segments, on a schoolgirl or college theme, and for us, there are few better from CalStar. Three related segments here, two featuring the actor ‘Michael Dawes,’ early in his career, and rarely more of a lascivious devil than here.

A flirtatious brunette student in schoolgirl kit is teasing a teacher. They are playing a little game they do–she teases, earns a spanking, and is paid with pocket money, which she likes to spend in town for “sweets.” “You’re going to earn your money today,” he teases. She wants to be spanked, possibly more than she wants the money. This session begins with a bend-over at his desk.

He takes her OTK for more, and then requires her to stand her front of him, raise her skirt and panties, and show him her pussy. The opportunistic school instructor takes her skirt and tie from her, and requires her to open her blouse. She must then do star jumps while he leers.

The spankings and submission continue. Over the desk for a paddle, he takes her blouse from her and she hands over her bra. She’s been naked with him before. She must twirl and bend over and touch toes for him, hind end facing him of course. The model has a great body for this task.

Naked, over the desk again, for the paddle and a flogger. She is released and runs out, clothes in a bundle, with a casual toss of her ponytail that suggests she’ll be back at the first opportunity. She forgets her candy and comes back for it–the instructor points out her spanking is more inportant to her.

The second unrelated segment (at the same school) begins with two girls sitting at desks waiting for the headmaster. They are whispering about tattoos. They know other girls have been caned for having them. Actor Michael Dawes arrives–he has heard the girls where seen at ‘Frankie’s’ tattoo parlor. There will be an inspection. “I’m going to get to the bottom of this,” he often likes to say in his films.

‘Carrington’ and ‘Spencer’ must stand against the wall. The undressing begins. Skirts off, blouse off, no bras. The two thin brunettes stand in just panties. No tattoos yet, but we aren’t finished. The girls don’t seem embarrassed by standing naked in front of the headmaster.

“Just drop your knickers.” Spencer has a small tattoo on her left flank and on her ankle under her bobby sock. Carrington won’t drop her panties, so Dawes does it. He is appalled to find a HUGE tattoo on her left buttock. What was she thinking? “You are both going to be caned.”

Since Carrington likes the biggest and the best, she will go first. Dawes positions naked Spencer at the wall, facing us in the shot, to enhance the frame. “I’ve never spanked a bottom like this before in my life.” Dawes alternates the girls, spanking and fondling, having the fun he usually has.

Time for the cane. The girls feign a shivering fear. Dawes wants a volunteer-Spencer. Hands-on-ankles, lovely. Six strokes for her, then six for Carrington–her marks ripen on top of the tattoo. We can’t imagine a cosmetician faking this. Both girls are sniffling. Dawes does his intimate inspection. The girls get five more each to conclude.

The third segment features the return of ‘Wilson,’ the flirtatious brunette. Dawes is going to cane her for being seen off-campus with sweets and her naughty behavior around men. He does not allude to her relationship with the instructor.

“You’re looking very scruffy….this time you are going to be caned.” Hands-on-ankles, 4 strokes on her panties, 8 on the bare. Dawes canes hard. “Silence while you’re in the headmaster’s study…no tea for you tonight.”

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