Teacher’s Torment – CALSTAR

13 Aug

F/f; time: 31 minutes

Early, smashing actress ‘Allison Payne,’ plays ‘Penny,’ a schoolgirl staying temporarily with an ‘uncle’ type. She wears full schoolgirl kit. She lies in front of a TV, flashing her long legs and higher. She has discovered Uncle’s cache of spanking videos and is fascinated. And later, she is scolded again for trying to watch one.

If she is that interested, he will show her how spanking is done. He is a school teacher himself, where his admiration of the female bottom can be acted out. Uncle is played by a familiar smarmy ageplay actor, familiar from KANE and ROUE. He takes a willing Penny OTK. Skirt up, a brief spanking on her regulation knickers, explaining the spanking sequence.

He gets his fingers under the elastic. “Not my bare bottom, sir.” “Have you ever been spanked on your bare bottom?” “You’re the teacher.” This little interplay on the ‘bare bottom’ phrase is as cunning as you can find.

Uncle spanks carefully until Penny’s bottom is fully pink/red, a view of ‘Ms’ Payne’ worth capturing. She stands and takes her skirt off and turns to expose the fullest bush of pubic hair you will see. She walks up the stairs to bed, another one of those bare bottoms on the stairs scenes.

Penny strips naked for bed, slowly. Blouse, bra. Much of this film is a celebration of the actress’s body. More unique frontal. She puts on a silky nightie, gets into bed, and seems to be playing with herself after that erotic spanking and exposure. She decides to put lotion on her bottom, more display of her assets.

In a new scene, she puts on sexy lingerie for Uncle to catch her. More lotion on her bare bottom while she watches TV, cartoons! Uncle does catch her, and now the spanking will go the full distance. Over a chair, nightie and bra off, naked. He makes her say more of the cue words: “Please, sir, cane me hard.”

Penny’s bare bottom is full-screen, a shot which can’t be improved. When Ms. Payne is caned, she always reacts as if she was not quite expecting how hard the cane would be. Uncle counts the first 6, she the second 6. He feels the emerging wheals. “Oh, yes!”

“Stand at the mantelpiece, open your legs, put your bottom out.” Penny takes the traditional British pose. She counts out two more sets of 6. By now, she displayed wild marks and wheals, on her lower back and thighs. “I will let you off with another two,” which are very hard and make her twist and fight the instinct to resist.

Again she is sent to bed, up the stairs, this time naked. Perfect.

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