Spanked By Daddy – CALSTAR

14 Aug

M/f; time: 29 minutes

The intrusive, fiendish, smarmy male adult actor ‘Jack Uppitt,’ younger just a bit here than in the films we’ve seen where he drops his pants at the climax, plays a ‘father’ who will discipline a tardy and sloppy daughter.

An adolescent-looking blonde ambles in the back door of the house while Uppitt fidgets waiting for her. The girl wears short shorts, a sleeveless top, and obviously no bra. Uppitt holds a doctor’s note the girl forged, in order to avoid have to do P.E. in the cold at school. This is good–you know what is in store for her.

First, Uppitt will spank her, but not before one of his five-minute scoldings. OTK, a moderate spanking, shorts down, and soon, knickers down. A nice round bottom on this young lady. Uppitt keeps her legs open, as he always does.

She stands and faces him, without panties; his eyes wander, as always. She will now do some exercises. “You can’t make me do P.E. in the nude!” First, run-in-place (jiggle), then touch-toes, bottom facing us. “Take the top off.” A delightful adolescent body, maybe some baby fat, but wonderful for a spanking film. Twists, hand-on-head; toe rises. Nude humiliation.

Bend-over for a very heavy strap, which Uppitt knows has to be used carefully. WOOSH WOOSH with the cane. About 15 strokes, very nice nude. Very quiet on the set, usual angles, probably some repeats. Marks and wheals show on the low and oblique angles. Puss closeups. She is sent to her (messy) room, naked.

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