Customer’s Satisfaction – CALSTAR

15 Aug

M/2f; time: 52 minutes

Two young ladies, bored with their office work, begin fondling and spanking each other, right on the job, for Heaven’s sake! Their client–these girls are some sort of consultant of his–walks in, finds them en dishabille, en flagrante, and not only that, without any pants on. But this customer is no dummy. “I want some of the action I just saw.”

The girls know they could easily lose this client. They agree to undress and bend over the table in their bras and thongs.

The girls are two attractive brunettes, one with a thin bottom and the other with a spectacular one. Our spanker, a scruffy British guy, is seen in CalStar productions and must know somebody, because as a disciplinarian he is a softy. The girls have American accents. This performance lacks the usual zing. The client does some mild handspanking and paddling, but mostly fondles and admires the two bottoms at hand.

He uses two unfamiliar paddles–one is a Ping-Pong size leather affair so floppy he has to firm it up by pinching it together like a limp pizza slice. The other paddle is about 3″ wide by 18″ long, of wood, and could have elicited some real confessions if it were used by more resolute CalStar folk, but our guy just tapped with it. In fact, the girls occasionally laugh during the improvised banter.

The girls are made to strip completely. The customer collects and pockets the thong of one girl. Back over the table for ineffective spanking, paddling, fondling, and giggles. The customer goes on and off the set for no discernible reason except for the girls to play with each other and to take up film time. The cold cream comes out at the end and we’re afforded leisurely frontal views. All in all, no lessons were learned on this one.

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