A Paddling For Meechi – CALSTAR

18 Aug

F/f; year: 2002; time: 29 minutes

Actress ‘Meechi,’ a small, actually tiny, brave Asian girl who offered her bottom to NuWest first, then CalStar, and others, plays a student in care of a “guardian,” a male disciplinarian seen in some of the few very good American CP films we have found.

Meechi is his “ward,” and he has decided to turn her over to a professional disciplinarian. “After two weeks with Miss Jones, your whole attitude will change.” The conversation takes place in a car, the video camera in the back seat, very much in the style of early NuWest trips to motels.

Meechi and her ward enter the back door of Jones’ house, probably the best way to arrive if you are going to disappear into the place for two weeks. Meechi is left with Jones, who begins one of those time-consuming scoldings so common in American CP. Meechi begins her training as a submissive. Hands behind her back.

Miss Jones pins up her school skirt to expose loose-fitting white panties. Jones smacks her a few times before yanking down Meechi’s panties. Jones leaves the room to get a tawse and Meechi hurriedly recovers her panties and puts them back on. Jones is angry when she returns, makes Meechi drop her drawers again, smacks her again, then has her sit on the “cold desk” and open her thighs.

Jones tawses her thighs, then smacks her bottom when she stands. The camera has time to catch long glimpses of Meechi’s thick dark bush, and repeatedly. They repair to Jones’ gymnasium, containing an exercise device and a wall display of spanking implements.

Meechi lies face down on the exercise bench and must leg-lift a weighted bar while Jones straps her bare bottom. She must hold the weight aloft while she is spanked. On her back, she exposes her front and Jones straps her thighs while she lifts, but this she can hardly do.

To conclude she bends over the machine as a bench for the strap, then kneels up on it for more, flashing a pussy ring.

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