Customs – CALSTAR

18 Aug

M/f; time: 24 minutes

Our continued pursuit of vintage CalStar’s for our amateur review. Reliable ‘Michael Dawes’ on duty as an airport Customs Officer/Inspector. A fruitful opportunity, you know immediately, because of his proclivities. An attractive Indian woman, calling herself ‘Mrs. Patel,’ is having her bag searched. She has come from America, and this particular CO is zealous in defense of his country’s laws, especially when the traveler might have a tight little body. Wouldn’t you know it, the CO finds a small packet of “cannabis.”

Trouble. “We must take you to our little room in the back for a further search.” The CO smirks as he informs Mrs. Patel that the female officers are gone for the afternoon but he will perform the strip search himself, unless she wants to wait in a cell until evening. She accepts. “Stand up and remove our clothing.” She is dressed in normal but very tight jeans, jean jacket, blouse, and boots. Most spanking producers abbreviate these tension-producing stripteases by reluctant girls. We have said we love them. Beautiful girls in normal clothing having to undress, sometimes in front of a group–a delight.

Patel is soon nude but for a bra. She is not pleased when the CO reaches inside her bra for contraband. She must bend over a table, while the CO checks between her buttocks. It is not aggressive, but we have seen Dawes many times before and we trust he knows how to do it. Lovely frontal views also–a sweet raven-haired bush.

This was, after all, a very SMALL package of marijuana. “WE could handle things here now.” She sits naked in her bra as it is explained; we have taken up 20 minutes, a “severe spanking and strapping.” using the “regulation Customs strap.” She agrees and bends over the table. “Grip tight.” Full screen, prefect cafĂ© au lait bottom. Dawes starts handspanking. Patel gasps sweetly and the camera catches her embarrassed face. He tries her OTK for a few more spanks, giving us a nice frontal view as she is repositioned.

“Time for the strap.” which turns out to be a thick and menacing tawse. The strokes are moderate and we lost count, but the message was delivered. “Your cousins in India would be pleased to see this.” Dawes always taunts his victims. He forces her to say, as her bottom fills the screen, “I want 5 more, please, sir.” She dresses and leaves and we presume the CO hurries back to his inspection station to eye who is on the next flight.

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