Frustrated Caner – CALSTAR

18 Aug

M/f; year: 2007; time: 27 minutes

Another simple exercise with ‘Michael Dawes,’ set solely in the familiar room with the white sectional couch and the hanging gold curtains, both backdrops for some wonderful spankings in the archives. Shaggy and unkempt Dawes plays a husband off to work and leaving his attractive wife, played by the adult actress ‘Avalon Kassani,’ to operate a rented carpet cleaner as part of her housewife’s chores for that day.

Avalon is bored and quickly relaxes, strips off her bra and pulls aside her thong to masturbate with a sex magazine and an impressive dildo, which she soon demonstrates is no challenge for her. The year 2007 has brought more explicit sex to CalStar’s spanking videos. Avalon is an olive-skinned, mysterious-looking, theatrical professional, with a body she takes care of for her line of work. Dancer’s high and hard bottom, admirable alert breasts, hair in a bun, cat’s eyes stage makeup. Definitely not the kind of girl you’d expect behind a carpet cleaner, but fully worthy of a rousing spanking.

Dawes returns, catches her. They argue. She is bored, he’s gone all day, etc. “I’ve got 20 minutes to take you out of your boredom…you’re getting a damn good spanking.” OTK on the white couch, dungaree skirt up, handspanking on UPS-colored brown panties. When the tight, well-fitted knickers come down, Avalon’s professionally maintained bottom shouts. Dawes fondles as he works. Impossible not to. Good camera work, face and rear.

“You know what’s going to happen….You’re going to take my paddle and cane.” As the handspanking winds down, Dawes spreads Avalon’s legs with a knee, which she rides with a hint of pleasure, knowing the view she is providing.

“Remove your skirt.” She bends over the couch, locks her knees, and sticks out her bottom, pro that she is. The oval black paddle does its work. She wiggles her curvy muscled bottom. He tells her the cane is next, which should be no surprise, since it has been lying on the couch in plain sight from the beginning. “I don’t want the cane. I don’t deserve the cane.” That’s what they all say, but it wouldn’t be any fun if they didn’t.

In this very attractive bent-over position, Dawes begins the caning; careful, whippy, precise strokes in his style, we counted about 12. Avalon, brave and hardly ruffled, twitches her bottom seductively. The marks emerge. There is some chatter as the caning proceeds. Apparently the wife of their friends next door is caned for discipline. “Jerry next door is right. This is going to be the answer to our problems.”

Avalon’s session is finished. She kept her head down and her bottom up and didn’t complain too much. One would think that dildo of hers might not be necessary for a day or so. She is told to proceed with the carpet cleaning, but in the nude. There will be an inspection. Does anyone remember Melanie Griffith running a vacuum (‘Hoovering,’ the CP films call it) in her undies in ‘Working Girl?’

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