Naval Discipline – CHEEK TO CHEEK

19 Aug

Year: late 1980’s/early 90’s. Time: 59 minutes

Another top favorite of ours, because it features two actresses who had long careers in adult films later. There are a series of loosely related spanking scenes on the theme of “naval discipline,” WREN’s having to drop their knickers. All done with the masterful acting and lighting so typical of Metro-Cheek-to-Cheek.

The first scene features ‘Vida Garman,’ who apparently made some spanking films and then moved on to nude modeling and adult sex films. She is in her early 20’s here. Vida, in full uniform, walks across a windy quadrangle, hanging onto her cap, and reports to a faceless male officer in a large empty room. She is to be caned for some naval offenses. She has no dialogue here, which she makes up for in later CALSTAR films.

In the ballroom-sized space, she raises her full length blue uniform skirt and drops her white panties. The profile view of this action misses the excitement of this preparation, also corrected in later films. She gets six strokes each for two offenses. The profile view here is inadequate for both facials and rear shots. Slow-motion repeats from an oblique view improve. See CTC’s ‘Military Discipline’ for some of the best spanking Vida has done.

Two WREN’s, credited as ‘Becky Cowan’ and ‘Pip Ward,’ are spanked by the same faceless male officer, over a stool, with a boat shoe. Average-looking models, until their knickers come down.

Another brief unrelated scene of two girls in an exercise or PT mode, drop their pants, show red bottoms, do some exercises for us, then alternately horse each other to be tawsed by a male officer.

Brief scene: a girl lies bare-bottom over the stool with wheels CTS used in these films. “Have you ever been beaten before?” “Yes, sir.” She gets the tawse in this posture. The slow-motion replays show how significantly the buttocks retract and collapse when the tawse strikes.

The final 18 minutes features actress ‘Sarah-Jane Hamilton’ as ‘Wallace,’ an insouciant WREN who will be featured for the rest of the film. Ms. Hamilton has waist-length red hair here, and based on her biography, is about 18 or 19 years old. She is a stunning sight–you wonder why she didn’t emerge in conventional theater. She will be punished in several postures. She has a trait of turning up her mouth in anger, which makes you want to increase the intensity.4f9f61e6-dcb6-4c74-b21a-45e7438698f1

For the first session, she bends over a chair, knickers down, for the slipper from the male officer, a female officer fully visible in attendance. Bare bottom, just an athletic top, frontals when she moves around. The officer orders her to “lunge forward,” then he straddles her with her between his legs so that he can strike her bottom vertically. She is as shocked as we are surprised. “What are you doing?!…I think you are both a couple of perverts…I might go to hierarchy to complain about this.” It is the delivery of this line which made us wonder why her career wasn’t more mainstream. And if anyone can find the use of the word ‘hierarchy’ in another adult film, we’d be charmed.


abfc03a1-edfb-426b-b405-8a7df769957eHer insouciant tongue costs her. Best not to argue with authority when your bare bottom is facing the ceiling lights. “You’ve gone too far…six strokes of the cane.”

The scene fades. Wallace returns in little white shorts. The female attendant: “Enjoy your little break?…remove your shorts, please.” Wallace unfastens the crotch buttons and peels down the little things. The female officer turns to the unseen officer and in a tone of melting eroticism, “Ready when you are.” She horses Wallace, who is muttering “Oh, God. Oh, God.”


The officer carefully pulls down her panties in the most official CP-film style. He lays on six cane strokes. She screams out the count. “You fucking sadist.” She is horsed again for six extras. The posture of horsing elongates the bottom and joins the thigh into a continuous target. She shows wild marks.

The next scene with Hamilton purports to be before a live (silent) audience, a theme MOONGLOW and CTC did so well. Wallace and the female officer climb a stage. “Ladies and gentlemen, you are here to witness a naval punishment…a naval flogging.” Wallace is in full uniform, eyes averted, with that explosive look on her puss.

She is sent to “get changed,” providing one of those great nudie scenes CTC has done with several extraordinary models. Harmless and mild for some, but a major contributor to the fun for us. She gets her blouse off and has trouble with the buttons like all CP models seem to do. No bra, an unenhanced youthful body. G-string off. Just a little fuzz. Bikini exercise panties and a sports bra. We follow her down the corridor for her walk to the scaffold.


On stage she bends over a sawhorse and spreads her legs as wide as they will go. The female officer uses a tawse in ceremonial style. Wallace must count down from 24, gasping out the numbers. Very erotic.



59771cf8-3d0f-4561-981b-06b26c37939b“Thank you ladies and gentlemen.” Wallace walks off, focus on her red bottom.

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