The Taming of Veronica Allen – SHADOWLANE

19 Aug

M/f; year: 1992; time: 47 minutes

Another favorite of ours, and one of the most playful appearances we can recall from actress ‘Tanya Fox.’ She plays the frisky and constantly horny newlywed wife of actor ‘Brian Tarsis.’ Brian leaves for work, ‘Veronica’ tries to get him to come back to bed–just a wrought iron single bed! She wears a sexy shortie nightie.

Later in the morning her friend ‘Erica’ stops by, persuades her to go clubbing that night. She gets the OK from Brian on the phone, goes out, and of course is way-late returning home to a fuming Brian. In just a few minutes, we are ready to get started with the spanking-part of the film.

Brian takes the squirmy and noodle-like Tanya over his lap and begins spanking. She squawks but loves it. Even before her dress hem comes up, her famous bottom is obvious. Brian raises her dress and soon gets the panties down. She is an absolute lapful–her buttocks are right up in his face.

Brian directs her to “change into something sexy and meet me in the playroom.” “What are you going to do to me in the playroom?” In the playroom, Tanya arrives in a slinky black dress. Brian slaps a strap in his palm. He drops the dress and shows black undies, garter belt.
She voluntarily bends over a chair, while Brian slowly ties her wrists and ankles to it with soft white rope. He begins strapping her panties–she loves it and they exchange sexy banter. Panties down, bottom in the oblique full-screen. We wrote exclamation points in our notes here.

He releases her and leads her to a padded platform which has two vertical goal posts. A frontal here. She kneels on the platform and Brian completes the nudity by removing her bra. We have said, there were very few adult film actresses whose bodies could survive the intimate 360-degree scrutiny she gets here. He fastens her wrists to cuffs and chains to the posts and she kneels naked and spread-eagled. He flicks her 360 degrees with a martinet, turning her shades of pink. We would not be surprised if Ms. Fox would agree that this was one of the finest presentations of her body on film.

He blindfolds her with a sexy long black cloth. He releases and resets her on the platform–hands-and-knees on the platform, wrists and angles cuffed, her arms pulled through her legs to be fastened with her ankles, forcing her face to the mat and her bottom high. Blindfold off.

She finishes her with a handspanking; they embrace and should be going on to other things.

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