Behind the Scenes at Club Corporal – MOONGLOW

20 Aug

MF/3f; time: 1 hr, 45 minutes

A long film, with 6 scenes of what purports to be the training of girls to be part of ‘Club Corporal.’ Most featuring well-known MOONGLOW girls.

(1) Blond ‘Elizabeth’ interviews blond ‘Sam Johnson,’ on a darkened stage. They look through a collection of spanking implements which will be used in the film. Sam selects a paddle, drops her white shorts, no panties, goes OTK for handspanking warmup before the paddle.

(2) ‘Natasha,’ the actress ‘Dublin O’Brien,’ or is it the other way around? She is next on the stage for Elizabeth. Natasha/Dublin is well along in her career here. She does spanking parties. “What is your favorite punishment?” She picks the tawse, which is “hard and sting-y,” in her Irish brogue. “Well, I’m standing here. I’d like to give it a go.” OTK, she pulls her own panties down, with a rare pussy flash from this actress. OTK and over the stool. Because Natasha is often a Domme, they reverse, and Elizabeth drops her warmup pants and panties.

(3) Sam is spanked again, by ‘Mr. M,’ in her naughty maid’s outfit and totally impractical platform heels. White panties down–Sam is cunning in this outfit. OTK. She stands and flashes some puss. “Am I going to be caned or anything, sir?”

(4) Natasha with Mr. M on-stage. “Always face the wall.” She is in a schoolgirl outfit and receives some instruction on how to pull her panties down for the stage performance. OTK. “Ah, this is nice,” he observes, when her mature and beautifully tended bottom is finally where he wants it. He removes her knickers completely so she can open her legs. “Are you Irish, with a name like Natasha?”

(5) Mr. M calls: “Is Sammy out there?” She is in the maid’s outfit, takes her own panties down for the paddle. “I’m ready for the cane now.” He laughs at her acting and has her repeat the line. High standards here at Club Corporal. Natasha joins them, they face the wall. Mr. M will use a “practice cane” on both of them. He alternates between them, various positions, four strokes at a time. Then the girls briefly cane each other. Natasha always covers her front with her dress. Sam doesn’t mind us knowing what she has. The girls’ acting is prompted.

(6) ‘Gina Moon’ makes the only appearance we’ve seen in these Club Corporal films. She meets Elizabeth and this discuss CP. Fade to Mr. M, because Gina prefers to be spanked by men. He gives her a “test spanking.”

Gina returns in a tennis dress, glasses on, hair up librarian-style. She likes role-playing. Various spankings from Mr. M. “I’m not supposed to like it, but I like it.” Mr. M. brings out a school desk. “You lie down over that.” Gina’s bottom is blotching as she is spanked, the only real marking in the film. She is playing with herself furiously, as we can see, as the spanking proceeds. Six cane strokes. “I’m coming,” she announces, and it looks as real and un-melodramatic as we can recall. She relaxes and they hug.

The film concludes with 15 minutes of excerpts from other films we have seen and reviewed.

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