Naughty Aupair – CALSTAR

20 Aug

F/f; year: 1980’s time: 20 minutes

This happens to be our FIRST CP film, and so it remains a favorite. It was eye-popping for us to innocently and ingnorantly discover a whole genre of fetish films, playing to our sweet spot, but outside our reach. CALSTAR distributed this film, yet it appears to have been made during the same period as ‘Prucilla Eastwood’s’ other films with ROUE, ‘The Dressing Lesson’ and ‘The Piano Lesson,’ to name two.

A sexy woman is on a dated landline telephone with one of her girlfriends. It seems her husband John has been bonking their aupair. He has “confessed all,” and now she waits for Prucilla to appear. “I should use the cane on her.” The woman is quite excited, and it looks like she is willing to trade a bit of dalliance from her husband to get at the bottom (and more, we shall see) of her aupair. “I will ring you tomorrow…yes, all about her panties and everything.”

The sweet Miss Eastwood arrives, one of the most erotic and convincing actresses of this era for us. As many spankings as she has received, she seems to hate it every time. The woman greets her, tapping a cane in her palm. “You’ve been sleeping with my husband.” “There’s nothing to tell!”

The woman grabs her OTK, getting her positioned for the camera. Ms. Eastwood is tall, the chair is too low, so that her bottom soars almost into the spanker’s face on the chair. Flaired sundress flipped up, black bikini panties. “Did my husband like your bottom, did he?” Eastwood continues to deny and struggles about as enticingly as you will see. The surging high bottom and low angles permit puss glimpses.

“Take your knickers off. You should be quite experienced at that.” She kneels on a chair, the woman flips up the hem, and the caning begins on this wonderful bottom, which has been specially featured in all her films by directors who share our tastes. 12 strokes of the cane; Eastwood screams and jumps up on the first one. “Down! Hold the chair. Push your back down. Bring your bottom up. Spread your legs.” Closeups, puss, Eastwood grabs and spreads her buttocks in shameless discomfort. “Open your legs as wide as you opened them for my husband.” Wiggling, struggling. She finally admits the sex with her husband, and defiantly, “And I enjoyed it.” She earns six more cane strokes.

“I’ll do anything. Please don’t hit me.” “Maybe you’ll do ‘anything’ later, right now you’re going to get punished.” She keeps jumping up. Low angles show some significant welts on her buttocks.

“Right then, you think you’re so good in bed. We’ll see just how good you are. Come on.”

FADE: the lady is on the phone again with her girlfriend, looking very content. “It was wonderful,’ she coos, describing some of the action. “Yes, black, tiny brief little things.”

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