Six Spanked Bottoms – NUWEST NWV-259

20 Aug

F/6f; year: 1998; time: 25 minutes

The silly Victorian clothing NuWest has in its wardrobe department. Domme Dana Specht,’ dressed a bit like a schoolmarm, escorts a (male) ‘vicar’ onto the set. She is a headmistress; she apologizes for the behavior of her girls in his church last Sunday and will now spank six of them with him as a witness.

The girls will walk on-stage one at a time and being taken OTK by Sprecht. The first girl is a blonde, we think the actress ‘Kelli-Raye.’ Vanna spanks (she always is hard) first on the dress, then the petticoats, then bloomers, then on the bare.

Actress ‘Cecelia’ is next; same routine.

Third is a brunette we didn’t catch enough face to identify. The vicar watches; presumably he is keeping his hands where they can be seen. NuWest put him on the wrong side of the scene; he can’t see the girls’ bottoms clearly.

‘Betty’ is fourth; a blonde goes fifth; and actress ‘Katie’ squeals her patented way though for the last spanking. Sprecht chats with the vicar and they ring for tea from ‘Vanna.’ She probably knows he doesn’t want to stand up for a minute or two.

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