Katie Spanked and Shaved – NU-WEST

21 Aug

MF/f; time: 27 minutes

Plucky actress ‘Katie,’ who did anything and everything for NU-WEST(for a buck!), pushes the envelope again here. Ed Lee narrates the film, ‘Vanna’ is behind the video camera. Katie stands in a summer print dress, trying to look downcast and ashamed. She has spoken ill of another actress and is going to be punished for it, here on the tile sound stage.

“Vanna, come out here and get the camera from me…Katie is going to be spanked, and then we’re going to turn her into something……pubescent.” Lee and Vanna alternate spanking Katie, first on her dress and then on that classic bare bottom, switching the camera back and forth.

Vanna leads Katie to a covered table, where she lies on her back, spreads her legs, which dangle over the edge. Her dress hem is thrown up–she has a full bush, which is  the subject of tonight’s film. Vanna pulls a low chair up between her legs and starts on the pubic hair with an electric razor, which is old-fashioned and loud enough to spoil any chance for dialogue. At least we have graduated from extension cords. Lee is on the camera.

Vanna starts with the shaving cream, “Be careful,” says Katie. We don’t believe Vanna when she says, “I’ve never done this before.” Silence on the set, closeups, soft prompts from Lee. This is a hot scene, almost 22 minutes focused on Katie’s pussy. After the towel wipe and clean up. “Spread your legs. Let’s get a good look….your punishment is over except for the itching,” Wonder if Lee thought of some after-shave.

When Katie stands, Lee has her pull up her dress. She does in fact look like a little girl. “You look like one of those undressed manikins in a department store.” We would agree, but better.

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