The Great Expectations – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

25 Aug

MF/2f; Year: 2010; time: 40 minutes

A ‘Lupus Dreams’ production, which means some explicit activity along the way. Two girls in girl scout-type uniforms are saluting.

We quickly fade to a new scene, with the girls’ female supervisor and her ‘boyfriend,’ the well-equipped actor ‘Steve Q.’ He is trying to fondle and seduce her.

FADE to inside the school, where the two girls are naked in shower. While dressing, one girl finds some pornographic tabloids in her locker, put there, we saw, by the female supervisor. The showered girls are fascinated with the pictures, begin to play with each other, and move to more complete lesbian activities. The teacher interrupts them and makes them both kneel on their beds, bottoms up, to begin the spankings.

In the school infirmary, where Steve works, as a doctor or an attendant, the teacher shows him the tabloids and hands the two girls over to him. The girls strip and take turns being probed by ‘Dr. Steve’ on a gyno table. The girls seem to like it. One girl fishes out Dr’s cock and begins a blowjob on him–he is very big. When he is ready, which doesn’t take long, he fucks one girl over the edge of the table. The girls switch and include some doggy-style action. Everyone having fun. Steve Q. does the money shot in the mouth and on the face of one of the girls.

The female teacher bursts in, knowing this would happen when she turned the girls over to him. She proceeds to spank both girls with a ruler. The film ends with Dr. Steve trying to propose marriage to the teacher, apparently guaranteed a supply of students.

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