Out Patient – CALSTAR

26 Aug

M/3f; time: 48 minutes

A very entertaining adventure. Michael Dawes plays a hospital administrator tasked to punish three hospital employees. And he is going to be very good at it. The girls report to him and hear the news. ‘Stand in line.’ This is the ‘discipline room’ and they know it. They are wearing just smocks and not much else. Must be hot work. He is ready with his clipboard and reports. “You are going to be beaten……corporal punishment.” Dawes practically salivates in anticipation.

Brunette ‘Sims’ is selected first. The other two girls are sent to wait. “Why do I have to go first?” ‘Gown’ off, just bra and panties. OTK first, she is confused about the positioning. Standard crisp Dawes-like smacking. Hands on a chair for the soft paddle. Dawes pulls down her knickers—he is uniquely skilled at this. The thin strap next. Dawes dials up the intensity, marks showing. He likes to study them.

The cane will be last. Sims presents a full unshaven frontal. She hands over her bra. She has surrendered. Hands on chair for a long caning. About 30 strokes are shown, surely repeats, 3 angles, and Dawes whacks with drama. Gasps. Dawes pauses to check for ‘gaps.’ Sims dresses and scrambles out.

Blond McCaffrey is next. No argument from her. He reads off her offenses. “Robe off.” Buxom. Soft paddle first. Thong down. Long strap. Suddenly it is the wrong ‘McCaffrey.’ She doesn’t even work in the offending department. “Why did you let me carry on? Stupid girl!” She is sent off. We all know a little maintenance spanking now and then is restorative.

‘Stratton’ a sent in last. A mousy little brunette, she will have the toughest time. Robe off, first an OTK spanking and a good fondle. A sweet little morsel she is. Thong down, Dawes gets a knee between her legs. Full bush frontals as Stratton moves around.

Hands on a chair for the soft paddle and a harder round paddle. The long paddle next.Dawes does a long check with the camera and displays his demonic fetishism, a trait which institutionalized him, according to Sophie Fennington in her ‘Interview’ tape. Stratton reflexively quivers now, bra off, naked, wipes tears.

The cane last, and a tearful session. Dawes often seems turned on by unexpected suffering. 9 strokes first, some repeats. Stratton shows nervous amusement to diffuse the pain. Another frontal, she faces us, wipes tears, 15 strokes. Lots of tears. Dawes admires his work and loved this shoot.

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