Sister’s Mistake – CALSTAR

26 Aug

F/f; year: 1986; time: 21 minutes

Early, surprisingly erotic and appealing ‘Imprint’ production. ‘Brenda’s’ younger sister, a thin blonde, comes home at 2 AM. Brenda jumps her. Brenda seems to have disciplinary duties from her mother. Into the bathroom, we watch through the door as she is forced to undress and wash. Angry Brenda pulls her pants down and slaps at her bottom as best she can. The skinny little blonde sister twists and evades, giving intimate views of all she has.

Sis is excited herself and massages her vagina for a considerable time, then walks up to her room, pants still down, continuously playing with herself. Such lengthy sexual suggestion is rare in our spanking catalogue, especially in the 1980’s. In her bedroom, she keeps on masturbating. There is a full-length mirror which will play throughout the remainder of the video to give us view of the action from both sides. The crew managed to keep the mirror from messing up the lighting or catching the equipment.

Brenda returns with the cane, is furious with Sis’ sexual play and announces she will cane much more than she had planned. Brenda struggles with her sister on the bed and manages to get in about 15 moderate strokes on a bobbing and weaving target. Lines, welts, and bruises appear, in a haphazard pattern reflecting the struggle. Sis is often spread wide and providing quite a show.

Bent over a stool for about 10 more, some on the thighs. Not a hard caning, but a persistent sexy assault of an unwilling victim. The cane just keeps coming.

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