Best of SpankingServer – PAIN4FEM

27 Aug

Time: 43 minutes

Twelve short self-contained segments from PAIN4FEM films. Producer ‘Peter Schober’ and the blonde domina ‘Helen’ who often appears with him are in some of the films. P4F’s penchant for kinky severity and demonic settings are evident here.

(1) A pretty blonde, dressed in peasant clothing, strips to the waist, her cuffed wrists are attached to hanging chains. Spread, she gets the martinet on her back. Rear and facial shots. Most of the whippings in this collection are mild to moderate.

(2) The blond domina strips a brunette to the waist, strings her up to a log ‘A’ frame, and flogs her bare back. P4F takes some trouble to have interesting furniture and accoutrements in their scenes.

(3) The domina canes a pretty brunette over a chair, 15 strokes on the bare. She has already been spanked. The buttocks are often not the target in these shorties.

(4) A brunette domina muscles a blonde (actress ‘Kelly,’ who specializes in being topless), unbuttons the top of her peasant dress (no bra), cuffs her and strings her to ceiling chains, for the martinet on her back.

(5) A completely naked girl (infrequent here) is cuffed to the ceiling and whipped with what could be called a bull’s pizzle by a blonde.

(6) Peter and his domina assistant wrestle down the dress of a brunette; they fasten her to a large wood frame, which she gets a very large martinet on her bare back.

(7) A brunette strips off her bra and panties and Peter S. fastens her over a trestle; another blonde, in skimpy bra and panties, as if she is next, joins and they both strap the girl.

(8) The domina strips a familiar P4F model to the waist, cuffs her to ceiling chains, and uses the martinet on her bare back.

(9) A trestle set up in a rustic exterior scene. A peasant girl is led out, fastened to the trestle, skirt up, bloomer untied and opened up, martinet on the bare bottom.

(10) Peter S. fastens a brunette flat on a punishment table-Russian style. Pad under her hips to elevate them, wrists and ankles manacled, he straps her buttocks.

(11) Another peasant girl drops her shift, is fastened over a trestle, and strapped.

(12) Peter S. wrestles a small brunette onto a Singapore-like wood frame. We whips her bare back, very good facials.

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