Slippered and Shaved – SPANKINGSARAH

28 Aug

M/f; time: 26 minutes

A pretty brunette, not a schoolgirl, sleeps deeply in a duvet-covered bed. Cozy. A man awakes her–she is late, hung over from being out most of the night, and goes back to sleep.

The man enters, pulls off her bedclothes, and begins spanking her on stylish pink satin pajama pants. She laughs and claims to be “bored of this,” so the guy pulls the pants down and turns her buttocks a shade close to the color of her pj’s. Sarah kneels up on the bed, knees wide, full puss, for more spanking. After the guy leaves, she plays with herself, rolling over to expose full frontal.

Cut to a bathtub; Sarah sits naked in sudsy water. After some more self-play, she slides down in the water, cocks her hips, and begins a long and slow shaving of her jet black pubic hair, providing all the detailed closeups you will ever need unless you intend to go to medical school. With a razor and scissors, she trims the hair down to a nice beaver. You’ve got to hope, for her sake, that the guy is still around the house somewhere.

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