Jessica and Brandi Punished Together – REALSPANKING

29 Aug

Time: 57 minutes

A series of spankings for the two REALSPANKING actresses, brunette ‘Brandi’ and strawberry blond ‘Jessica.’ Both girls have been spanked every which way for this producer, but they can act!

Miss ‘Dee’ spanks them to cool off a dispute the roommates have over their phone bill. They must undress “completely.” RSI does very well with nude spankings. Various settings to display these two trim and young bodies. They sit on stools, spank each other, and move about. Dee urges them to spank each other harder.

Dee gives some punishment in the “lunge position,” we have called it the “bridge” when we were less informed about the CP world.

There are scenes in the RSI bedroom and in the main room with the fireplace. In one, the two naked girls lie side by side over a large hassock, very nice, for a strapping.

In a final scene, Brandi and Jessica are joined by two other girls and caught drinking by Dee. She will spank them all and calls in webmaster ‘Michael Masterson’ to assist. He is always available.

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