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Kelli-Raye Takes A Seat – NUWEST

30 Sep

F/m; year: 1997; time: 29 minutes

One of NuWest’s simplistic and predictable storylines, but somehow the actress ‘Kelli-Raye’ took us to another level. A guy is strapped down on a low bench on his back, a wedge cocks his hips, his ankles cuffed and strung up to a ceiling chain. He wears shorts only, more than some men we’ve seen in this posture.

Kelli-Raye prances on the set showgirl-like, in a white gauze body suit and white heels. Kelli bunches his shorts and begins slashing his butt and thighs with a martinet. After whipping, pacing, and scolding, Kelli straddles him and sits on his face. He looks docile. We are just beginning.

Thirteen minutes in, Kelli sits on a bench against the wall, as if she were in a locker room, and removes the body suit. She is down to just white satin panties and heels. She continues whipping. Her erect boobs are like headlights.

Kelli sits on the guy’s face again, in just panties. At 21 minutes, she walks and works her panties down like a stripper. After another session with the martinet–she is something to watch, totally naked, whipping up a storm.

Kelli sits on his face again, now naked, wiggling and adjusting, moving about. She is muttering some sexy talk we can’t decipher. Sexy closeups. She demands ‘Yes, ma’am” and “No ma’am” from him. It is difficult to tell if he is talking advantage of this–can’t see his face and his shorts never came off.

Jennifer Whips Ass – NUWEST FD-348

30 Sep

F/m; time: 31 minutes

It is the Domme Jennifer Brooks, and the ass belongs to Ed Lee, we think. When the film opens, a girl in maid’s costume is fastening a man over a spanking trestle. Outside, Jennifer Brooks arrives on a horse and walks it in. She is tall and glamorous in riding habit and looks comfortable with the horse.

On the sound stage: “Well, well, if it isn’t my annoying groom?” The household maid has prepared him for his mistress. She circles and scolds, then begins a very hard cropping on his breeches.

At the 8 minute mark, the maid releases him, pulls down his breeches and shorts and refastens him. Jennifer continues the whipping on bare skin, very hard, eliciting some grunts.

Jennifer decides to take a break and steps over to the corner of the stage to change clothes. When she removes her blouse, she displays some magnificent breasts, which we don’t recall having the pleasure of seeing before. This moment can be the only purpose of the interlude. She puts on panties (the blouse is too long to see much), garter belt, and stockings, skirt. heels, and returns to Lee, dressed for the outside world.

“Have you ever felt the cane? You will.” She gives him a nearly vicious caning, eliciting blood from his far buttock, where he always breaks down.

Discipline in Russia #8-Nakazanie – NETTLES

30 Sep

M/2f; time: 43 minutes

Typical improbable product from early NETTLES, at least by the number. Two pretty peasant-dressed girls sneak outside, strip off their clothes, and begin full lesbian activities on the lawn of the house. Broad daylight–the film is completely exterior.

The girls are caught buck naked on the lawn and marched inside. [a cat walks unconcerned through the shot, in front of the crew]. With the mother, father, and sister attending, the girls will be brought outside and whipped. ‘Fedor,’ the actor ‘Gerry Geroshvili,’ walks into the shot with three or four switches.

Brunette ‘Manka,’ a solid peasant-looking girl, is selected first and she lies lengthwise on a handy low bench, the usual posture for a NETTLES punishment. As the group stands in a semi-circle watching, Fedor lays on 46 strokes (his lottery number, we assume). Manka gets up halfway through, but musters the courage to lie down again. They torment her as she is whipped, and she develops the classic Russian stripes. She is allowed to run into the house.

The little blonde is next, her bottom rising invitingly in the center of the bench. She gets a full 64 strokes, why more strokes we don’t know, except that maybe she is so photogenic. She has to be held in place. She develops a full flush on her face and certainly seems to cry her way through the punishment.

Jodie’s House of Whipping-Katerina – NUWEST

30 Sep

F/f; 25 minutes

Actress ‘Jodie Cline’ meets ‘Katerina,’ an exotic brunette pageboy. “I’m going to take you out to the garage and give you the whipping you want. “You’re volunteering, right?” “Yes.”

They walk to the familiar workroom NuWest used. “Take all your clothes off and put them on the table. Leave your panties and shoes on.” Stunning Katerina is soon down to a tiny white thong and flats.

Jodie cuffs her wrists and fastens them to a chain from the ceiling. As Katerina watches, Jodie selects a whip from the wall, circles the girl, pinches her nipples, and admires what she sees. “My, you are a cute one.” She begins whipping Katerina’s upper back, who remains quiet.

Most of the film is taken up with Jodie whipping, circling, and checking the developing stripes. Near the end of the film, Jodie lays a dozen or so strokes on Katerina’s buttocks. She is let down and they leave the garage together, Katerina naked, and Jodie patting her bottom, as if they are headed somewhere else.

Obedience Training – STRICTLYENGLISH

30 Sep

M/f; year: 2010;time: 90 minutes

This film is found in segments on STRICTLYENGLISH’S website, the ‘Spanking Channel’ series, 2,3,and 4. We have had fun piecing the film together for purposes of review, but you will have to support the cause and go to the site yourself if you want to watch it.

A familiar Irish actor, ‘Angus,’ or ‘James Cameron,’ plays ‘Uncle James.’ The scene opens with actress ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ bent over, being lightly caned, obedience training for having allowed friends into her uncle’s house, who trashed the place. Bottom closeups of this glorious lady; 12 light strokes. She wears a white two piece outfit. Amelia is grounded for a week, and she claims “post traumatic stress,” a line only Ms. Rutherford can utter.

She goes upstairs and we have a long scene of her examining her bottom in a mirror. The film dissolves to a different angle on the same caning. Amelia asks him, “Is this a hobby for you?”

Amelia changes into a blue summer frock and calls her friend ‘Laura,’ the culprit who got drunk and messed up the house, and describes her little caning.

James hears Amelia on the phone, so he will take the correction in a different direction. He calls ‘Sir Richard,’ with whom he has a meeting scheduled. He will bring Amelia along with him. We will see that Richard has some special interests that James will exploit.

At Richard’s house, Amelia is put to doing some housework–an opportunity for upskirt shots and her to do some of her ‘attitude.’ James spanks her in front of Richard. “It hurts, and don’t say ‘it was meant to hurt.'” Bare bottom, hands on head, to the wall, her sullen face reflected in a mirror. Floor and wall mirrors appear throughout the film to enhance the views. Amelia sits on the floor, on her haunches, long-legged minx at rest, bare bottom always towards us, a provocative posture she inserts in many films. She is about 30 years old here, and still able to appear seventeen.

James has to leave for work, and Amelia is not keen about being left alone with Richard, having his hands on her. Having her pants off for an uncle is one thing, but… “This is white slavery,” she protests. Richard makes her go to work dusting on her knees, “bottom well out.” When he touches bare skin, she jumps. She towers a good 6″ above this little actor, making her bottom disproportionately enormous, and greatly enhancing the eroticism.

Richard continues to torment her while he is in charge. She has to stand against the wall and trap a coin with her nose, bottom out. He spanks her with a kitchen spoon. She drops the coin. “Ow, fuck.” “I beg your pardon.”

Richard continues to torment Amelia. She must take off her dress and is wearing only cute white lace bikini panties, direct, we presume, from her panty warehouse. She kneels on her haunches again–everything she does is meant to accent her lithe body.

Now we see Richard is our kind of pervert. He puts currant berries in a bowl on the floor and Amelia must bend forward from a kneeling position, knees spread for balance, to move them one by one to another bowl from the stool, creating the anticipated scenic views. He pulls her panties to her thighs. We doubt there has been a finer view of this actress. Amelia stands for some more spanking, flashing an infrequent frontal.

This test completed, she objects to being taken OTK again. “I don’t want spanking all day.” But that is the point. Panties down again. “No!” “Yes, not ‘no.'”

Amelia calls Richard “Uncle Freak,” and laughs, her knickers down yet again. She says she is now ready to move to the next obedience test.

Richard continues with Amelia. She is naked on the floor, on all fours, and made to crawl, urged on by a riding crop. He has rolled marbles around for her to fetch. Richard doesn’t like her attitude. She sits on a transparent plastic chair, a captivating and erotic touch we haven’t see before. Next, hands-on-head, crop in her mouth, doggy obedience. She will select an obedience act to show James when he returns. She selects the chair, but “Let’s make sure your bottom’s nice and red so he can see it.” More riding crop over a stool.

A fast spanking OTK, “a nice red bottom for Uncle James.” Richard wants the bottom even redder, more spanking. We leave her sitting in the clear plastic chair waiting for James.

The Finale appears on ‘Spanking Channel 4.’ FADE back to Amelia with Richard still on her case. Richard speaks to James on the phone, who requests she given “a thorough bedtime spanking.” Amelia is appalled that she must spend the night here. Things can happen. She is walking around the room, knickers rolled at her upper thighs, fuzz peeking out. In some films, a girl would offer a blowjob right here to get off the hook, but we don’t do that in British CP.

FADE back to Amelia, coming out of the shower in just a towel, another girly scene, of which we can never get enough. Richard will send her to bed early “after your spanking.” She squeals through an OTK spanking, the sexy towel being pulled back. He peeks underneath as if surprised by the magnificence.

“The Next Day” James has returned and is caning Amelia, back in her working housedress, a mirror enhancing the facials. A dozen on the bare, Richard witnessing. “Exemplary, James.” Both men fondle and share Amelia’s bottom, laughing lasciviously, as the film ends. Their little bauble.

A trailer is added, when Amelia sits, getting mostly naked as she chats, with the ‘Chsrlie’ character behind the camera, about the eroticism of spanking films and some future plot ideas. Look at her oeuvre, there are many to expand on. Is there a PO box where we can send our suggestions?


29 Sep

F/2f; year: 1998; time: 39 minutes

We keep finding these films where there is an affiliation between REDSTRIPE and OHHTEEKAY better than straight REDSTRIPE films. The reason here might be the presence of a young and svelte ‘Miss Brown.’

Miss Brown has two schoolgirls ready to be dealt with, redhead ‘Chanelle,’ and a boyish ingĂ©nue ‘Sarah.’ The girls have been caught in an advanced Lesbian embrace, and it appears Miss Brown will beat it out of them, while indulging in her own predilections. Camera angles in this film will occasionally be from below–upskirt for all three women.

Miss Brown bends the girls over their desks, in opposite directions. Skirts up, Chanelle wears white knickers and Sarah dark blue. Brown pulls both pair down and begins handspanking. On the wall in the background is a large collection of video tapes, a treasure trove of CP shoots, we’d guess.

Sarah seems to suffer most. The girls object, then take off their skirts on order. Both girls get a leather paddle, while they beg. Brown runs her hands slowly over the girls’ bottoms, almost letting her fingers into the gaps. Chanelle breaks down a little. “I hate this school!” She is made to sit half-naked on the floor.

Sarah is sent outside. Chanelle is first for the cane. Panties down again. 15 strokes of the cane; Sarah is called in to see the work-in-progress at 6 strokes. Very distressing for her. She cringes as she watches. Brown gets in a fondle at 12.

Sarah’s turn over a desk. 12 strokes, and it would seem a bit harder. Sarah marks up more aggressively than Chanelle. When the girls bend over the desks for a bottom comparison, the difference is stark. Chanelle gets two more strokes for some cheeky remarks; another fondle from Brown. The girls dress and leave.

Trish’s Severe Punishments – REALSPANKING

29 Sep

MF/f; year: 2001; time: 55 minutes

A series of spanking segments filmed with redhead actress ‘Trish.’ REALSPANKING wants us to accept the premise that just-eighteen Trish contacted RSI, requesting some serious spankings. We’ll accept any premise if a redhead is the subject.

RSI’s films are all straightforward hard punishment spankings, with realistic plot lines. The girls, maybe 25 actresses in the stable, are usually in some sort of trouble at the Institute and get spanked by a member of the staff. The punishments are hard, usually on bare skin, with no attempt at fakery or moderation. We’d like to think the girls can only work once a month or so.

‘Trish’ is interviewed by Mistress Dee in the full-face mug shot view. She looks barely legal here; we love this start because of what usually happens next. Dee questions her on her previous spanking experiences–“six licks” with a paddle at Catholic school, and a belt on the bare at home.

“Stand up and remove all your clothing.” Trish stands and strips naked without embarrassment. She has one of those round feminine bodies perfect for CP films, and she is shaved. Hands on head, stark naked, Dee wants her clothes stacked neatly, a chance for some nudie bend-overs.

Dee takes her OTK; Trish knows just how to position her bottom. This simple hard spanking is very erotic for us, because there is nothing contrived. Various camera angles. Her pale-skinned bottom bruises quickly under Dee’s unforgiving spanking, and she keeps her red hair off her face.

Trish gets up and brings Dee the large paddle/strap unique to RSI. Elbows on a chair, Dee likes to absolutely whale full-swing with this instrument.

There follows a new scene with webmaster ‘Michael Masterson.’ “What’s this I hear about a tattoo?” On an RSI bed, Trish in adolescent ponytails, Masterson elicits tears with a hairbrush. Did her bottom get this red just from this?

Another scene with Masterson, Trish drops her jeans, Masterson pulls down her panties. Her bottom is clear. Hand-on-knees, then on the bed, pillows under her hips, for a big strap. Massive bruises–she must have needed some time off after this one.

A schoolgirl scenario; Trish sits at an antique desk; Dee whips her on her white panties with a yardstick, tawse on the palms, over the desk again, on the bare. Dee breaks some skin.

A bedroom scene; Dee has Trish drop her pj bottoms for a strap on the bed. More huge bruises. Even the sophisticated REALSPANKING can’t solve the dirty-bare feet problem.

Scene: Dee uses the RSI official paddle and actually cracks it. Trish wears overalls and white panties.

In a long segment, Trish bends at ninety degrees in front of a fireplace for several paddles. Slack and panties down.

Another school setting, schoolgirl Trish must bend over Dee’s desk for first a ruler on her white panties, then the cane on the bare. The best facials here- the redhead is flushed and quivering, crying.

Punishment Squad – CALSTAR

26 Sep

2M/2f; time: 37 minutes

A cute premise for spankings; two cute brunettes, ‘Michelle’ and ‘Eunice,’ discuss their financial straits and decide to fake a robbery for the insurance proceeds. They mess up their apartment, then call the police to report the break-in. This is an old film, available on ‘SpankingForPleasure’s’ website.

Two police officers arrive, ‘Ernie’ and actor ‘Michael Dawes.’ After a brief investigation, the officers are suspicious. The pretty girls provide frequent closeup facials, as they agonize over their predicament and the ruse. The officers discuss the situation in their car. When the girls are threatened with insurance fraud and a trip to the station house, they confess. They probably figure they can get out of this with sexual favors, but they don’t know what’s coming.

Stunning full facials of curly brunette Michelle; “We deliver very stern punishment…right, sergeant, you’ll have to go to the car and get the kit.” “What kit?” ask the girls. Ernie returns and spreads a sheath of paddles and canes on the coffee table. Dawes’ dialogue is mostly off-screen. He must be operating the camera.

Ernie takes Michelle OTK first; she squirms delightfully as Ernie works down her purple slacks and bunches her pink panties. “You filthy pig,” she shouts and squeals, which probably just motivates Ernie. Michelle dutifully keeps her abundant hair off her face, so the camera can catch those glamorous shots. Dawes instructs Ernie to pull down her panties. “You fucking pervert.”

Dawes hands Ernie the “black number,” a small paddle. Michelle next kneels up for a riding crop. The intensity is increasing.

Brunette ‘Eunice’ is taken OTK next; the routine is the same, her black slacks come down, then the white panties, for a handspanking, paddle, and crop. She bruises more than Michelle, and there is a lovely tussle on the couch.

“Strip off, you two.” “No!” After a discussion about a trip to the station house, the clothes start coming off. The girls keep their backs to the camera. “Shy, aren’t they?” Well, maybe, but this is a CP film. The guys finish the girls by pulling down their panties themselves.

The girls kneel side by side on the couch for some handspanking before we move to the cane. The girls get up and are told to face us for the obligatory frontal–two full brunette bushes.

Both kneel on the couch again together. Ernie does the caning–a dozen mild strokes for Eunice, but her pale skin welts quickly; the same for Michelle. Dawes steps over to the two bottoms to do one of his close inspections. “It’s coming up nice,” observes Ernie. These detectives spank girls often. Michelle gets a few more strokes. Close with pretty facials.


23 Sep

F/2f; year: 2006; time: 1 hr.

Two blondes, actress ‘Sam’ Johnson and ‘Daisy,’ in black dresses, enter a bedroom, flop eagerly on a bed, and begin lesbian embraces, as if the girls were waiting all day for this interlude. The girls gradually undress each other, spanking and caressing, keeping their bottoms always in the forefront.

Some overt oral action, paddles, martinet, lots of pink flesh on the screen. Daisy’s got the boobs, Sam keeps her bra on for some reason, for the whole film. About 35 minutes of this.

The actress ‘Sarah Harvey Lewis’ bursts in. “What the hell is going on…what is this (a paddle)?” She scolds them and strikes an immediate chord, which will supply her with all the leverage she will ever need. “What about your boyfriends…if I ring them up…how are we going to resolve this situation?”

Since both girls are more or less naked, Sarah doesn’t have much work to do and begins spanking them. A wall mirror will assist in facials. Paddles, strap, martinet. When both girls kneel and grasp the bed frame, Sarah has to move to the other side of the bed to cover both bottoms, one of those little staging problems CP actors seem to solve. The spankings are mild–this is mostly a nudie film.

Sarah now turns to the cane. Daisy is caned first; she bends so her hanging boobs are featured. “God, that stings!” Six strokes, then six for Sam. The girls swap again. “What is your boyfriend going to think when he sees your red bottom?” Sam says she’s going to try to avoid that. It’s easy to imagine what you would do if you saw Sam’s red cheeks.

Julia’s Girls-Lacey – NUWEST

23 Sep

F/f; year: 1998; time: 18 minutes

Another rousing addition to this series; one is better than the next. We have not watched them in any sort of order. ‘Lacey’ is a very thin little brunette in a simple white knit dress, with a slim body and small buttocks, but she has a lot of guts, we will see.

The setting is the empty sound stage, a chair and a medical gurney. “Young lady, I’m going to give you a spanking, then an enema, and then I have something special planned.” Actress ‘Julia Jameson,’ powerful and domme-like here, flashes us one of her lascivious smiles. She wasn’t much of an actress, but a terrific performer.

First, OTK for Lacey, a fast and hard spanking on her tiny bottom, on the dress and then on pantyhose. She quickly kneels up on the gurney. There is an enema trolley. Pantyhose down, silence on the set, Julia hurriedly inserts the nozzle without preparation or lube. Lacey begins to fidget. “What’s the matter, Missy, not so enjoyable?” Julia laughs at Lacey’s little gasps and massages her abdomen.

Lacey is let up, but of course must squirm from foot to foot while she begs to be allowed to run to the bathroom. This scene was not so realistic as some enema portrayals from NW, but the best is coming.

FADE to a sparsely furnished bedroom setup. Lacey sits naked and waiting. Julia enters with a strap-on dildo we haven’t seen before–rubberized flesh-colored panties with a curved monster attached. Your first thought for little Lacey–impossible! Closeups of the curved dildo.

In closeup, Julia slides on a condom, very practiced fingers. Lacey sucks it, a really full mouth, a ‘deep throat’ scene. “Lick it, get it all wet,” some vapid dirty talk and wicked laughs from Julia, but she will deliver.

Lacey climbs on the bed and Julia goes into action, doggy-style. “You’ve got the tightest little pussy…you’re a nasty little creature.” Poor angles off the end of the bed, but some obliques suggest she might have penetrated.

Lacey rolls onto her back, legs in the air, squishing, bed squeaks, and better camera angles. We’re convinced. Lacey raises her hips, Julia holds both her legs with one hand diaper-style, and rams her about as effectively as we have seen at NW.

Another doggy position, this time on the side of the bed to give the camera a profile; onto her back again here, Julia bangs away. It is difficult to imagine these are not some of Julia’s personal high moments. Lacey shouts “come!” and they roll over into the doggy position for conclusion, then collapse in each other’s arms.