A View to a Caning – CALSTAR

3 Sep

MF/2f; time: 43 minutes

A realtor gets spanked by her clients! A couple is looking at houses, “willing to spend one million pounds.” They are angry at the poor work of a very cute real estate agent, ‘Miss Fox,’ who must figure out pretty quickly that the commission on one million pounds is worth a little humiliation. Fox is a trim boyish short-haired brunette in the Audrey Hepburn tradition.

The client ‘Sarah’ suggests she be spanked. Her husband is in on the fetish. He offers “six spankings for every room you led us on about.” American-accented Fox capitulates and is taken OTK on the bottom step of the staircase of the house they are viewing. The husband: “25 spanks…I want you to count them.” Sarah will comfort Fox, actually enjoying her misery. At twenty strokes, Sarah reaches and takes down Fox’s panties. “The last five are always harder…you’ll be sorry.”

The couple takes Fox to another room. Sarah goes to their car for spanking implements–they are ready for this! Fox bends over, the husband bunches her red panties, and Sarah starts with stiffened black paddle, mildly; the husband redoubles the intensity. “Keep still.” He keeps her legs open.

Fox suggests maybe Sarah will take a spanking. She has sensed there is more going on here than her humiliation for poor work. Sarah drops her skirt, bends over and leans on the mantel of the vacant house. Her husband, no stranger to this bottom, spanks her backhand with a paddle and a flogger. Fox’s turn again–she bends over in front of the fireplace. “Take your knickers down.” Paddling, gasps. She jumps up but regains control and bends again. Sarah is muttering salacious remarks we can’t hear.

Skirt off, a frontal flash of a neat beaver. Sarah again, skirt and pants off, touch-toes for a flogger and a hard, stiff paddle. Gasps. To Fox: “Take your top off.” The boyish figure–no bra, but she is ready for any fashion runway. Off comes Sarah’s skirt–she sports a big unkempt bush.

Both girls are naked at the fireplace now–the husband moves from bottom to bottom. Frontals. The girls must hug while the husband circles and spanks. They bend forward, face-to-face, and hold hands. Sarah must like this, and, herself, the prospect of a million-pound house. Some corner time for the naked girls. “You young ladies are ready for the cane.”

Sarah goes first, not a stranger, for “10 good hard canes.” Touch toes. Fox is cute in closeup as she watches. The last five at the mantel. Husband keeps her legs open. Still can’t pick up her sexy dialogue. “You enjoyed that, didn’t you?”

“Miss Fox, you’re next, the pleasure is all mine.” The husband teases her boobs and puss with his cane tip. She gets about 10, bent over and at the mantel. “Do you have any properties we can review tomorrow, Miss Fox?” (as the cane falls). Some of her strokes are wild-low.

The husband fondles and plays with Fox’s boobs. Again the naked girls face each other and hold hands. “Three to go, Miss Fox.” Both girls face him nude at the conclusion. More caressing of Fox and some hot time coming later tonight, if it were us.

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