Bad Headmaster 2 – CALSTAR

3 Sep

M/2f; year: 2006; time: 1 hr, 8 minutes

We thank a thoughtful and careful reader for observing that we have reviewed this film before as ‘A Caning Shared.’ So many Bottoms! This is one of the most ‘aggressive’ CP films we have seen from the adult actor ‘Jack Uppitt.’ He plays a headmaster, of sorts. Brunette ‘Tiffany,’ with a friend ‘Amy,’ sits at home awaiting a visit from him. Apparently he pays house calls, punishes students who have transgressed somehow, and extracts sexual favors from them.

Tiffany explains to Amy that ‘Mr. Robinson’ is expected momentarily and that he will be caning her. That sounds exciting to Amy, who wonders if it can be arranged for Robinson to give her,say, 20 strokes of her own.

Robinson arrives, in shirt, tie, and wide wale cordoroys, with two paddles and a cane under his arm. He greets Tiffany and meets Amy on a chaise lounge, where she gives him panty shots as they chat. Tiffany goes to “prepare.” When she returns, she asks Robinson, “Would you like to discipline Amy as well, Mr. Robinson?” The girls suggest they take 20 strokes each [a parrot squawks on the soundtrack]. Amy suggests there will be some “action” for Robinson in the deal.

“A handspanking prepares you for the cane,” explains Robinson. The girls giggle a bit. Tiffany is taken OTK first as Amy watches. The scene is the dining room and kitchen used in many films by CalStar. Skirt up, pantyhose down, Tiffany has a full, wide, feminine bottom. Robinson asks Amy to show her red panties while she waits.

Robinson spanks Amy next, keeping up his constant ad lib scolding. He adjusts her smaller buttocks carefully for the camera, fondling as he goes. Panties down, fondling, fingers between her legs. In the background, Tiffany takes off her skirt. She is shaved. Robinson lines up both bottoms at the kitchen counter. The actress ‘Amy’ struggles to cover a giggle at Uppitt’s bantering.

Move to the paddle. Tiffany bends over the dining room table for the CalStar black paddle. She counts out 20. Amy gets her 20. “Legs apart, always, do you understand that?” We’ve said in other reviews, Uppitt is a pussy man more than an ass man. He plays with Amy’s boobs and makes sure she understands “what I expect later.”

To Tiffany: “Get your top off. It’s going to get a little hot now.” Naked, she bends over the table again and squeezes the cane between her cheeks, while we turn to Amy again, who gets naked. Tiffany counts out 10 cane strokes, and has a tough time and seems to actually break, asking for a pause. An unscripted glimpse of her face shows she is really shocked by the cane.

Amy goes over the table for the full 20 strokes. Closeups, marks, puss.

“OK Tiffany, a little break, get back.” 10 more strokes. He adjusts her posture so he can reach under and stroke her vagina. Two bottoms side by side; because they have been sassing him, they will get FIFTY-FIVE next week. Hands-on-head, they face him, two pussies for him. He sends the girls upstairs to wait for him.

The girls sit on the white CalStar couch, naked, and begin playing with each other, when in walks Robinson. His cock is out, he is yanking, and is ready to get started, at the 55 minute mark. Amy begins the first blowjob, then both girls kneel, bottoms out. He fucks Tiffany doggie style while he frigs Amy. Then back and forth between the girls. He stacks them one on top of the other. Two pussies. He does both. More b.j. from Amy.

A series of bend-overs, frigs, doggie action, dirty talk. Robinson is beginning to pant and gasp. “Get on your knees and have a drink.” They try for the money/cum shot, which may or may not have happened. Uppitt brags to the girls that he is sixty-five years old.

2 Responses to “Bad Headmaster 2 – CALSTAR”

  1. George March 9, 2021 at 12:41 am #

    This sounds like “A Caning Shared” which you reviewed on Nov 27/13. CalStar renamed the SfP movie “Bad Headmaster 2” (which has Jack Uppitt with two blondes) as “Naughty Novac Sisters”.

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