Canings and Cold Showers – CALSTAR

3 Sep

M/f; time: 33 minutes

Sophie Fennington’s finest film, for us, along with the earlier ‘Lisa Must Be Caned.’ Ms. Fennington does the uniform fetish here. She reports in full dress uniform and is seen adjusting her makeup in a barracks washroom, in preparation for her appearance.

Flight surgeon, ‘Group Captain Grey,’ played by the actor we think is ‘Reggie,’ or Reginald, who has been associated with ‘SpankingForPleasure’ and who may have actually communicated with us here, shouts for Flight Officer Fennington to make her appearance. The final phase of her training involves “pain threshold,” in case she is ever captured. “We will push you to the limit, Miss Fennington.” Frequent facials of the crystalline Sophie as Grey explains the procedure, that he will create a “fantasy situation” to assess her courage.

“Take off your uniform.” Uniform blouse, tie, blue shirt, skirt, no bra. Elegantly, Sophie gets down to black panties and garter belt.

After a Fade, she is stretched over a table, bottom high, arms thrust forward, breasts crushed, an erotic posture repeated in her other films. Grey does not hesitate. “We’ll have these down.” Sophie’s weak objections about the loss of her knickers are disregarded.

“I’m going to beat you until I am satisfied.” There will be about 50 hard strokes, Sophie gasps after each. Facials, red face, immediate marks appear, fuzzy glimpses when she jumps up a few times. Grey has placed a chair so that he can sit and torment her close to her face on cane breaks. Closeups of wheals and some skin pops.

She is reminded to keep her eyes front and to reach forward, which of course thrusts out her bottom. At a break, Grey makes some notes in his punishment log. Sophie hasn’t cracked. “You don’t consider my treatment unreasonable?” What else can she say, “No, sir.”

The best facials of a stressed Fennington come here. “I’m going to give you a final batch.” The last eight. Grey shows his demonic, slightly amused, and definitely aroused style to full effect.

“It is customary to endure a cold shower after such treatment. I’ll see you there.” FADE to naked Sophie in an institutional shower stall, showering and trying to soothe her stripes. She keeps her hair dry. Full frontals, a very strong part of the continuously fascinating film. Grey should be watching. He turns off the water. Sophie readjusts her appearance at the mirror and leaves, maybe a little too briskly for such a sore bottom.

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