Tormented Talent – KURTSTEVENS

3 Sep

F/3f; year: 1985; time: 55 minutes

A film also distributed by CALSTAR, titled ‘Casting Ouch.’ Another simple film by this producer with no pretense whatsoever that the set is anything other than a cheap motel room. It is the “talent office” of a “producer.” The male producer and his female assistant ‘Pat’ discuss the day’s schedule, which will be the ‘interview,’ if you will, od three aspiring actresses. Pat asks: “How long can we get away with this?” The sleazy producer gives vague assurances. We are about to find out what they are up to.

‘Maria,’ a brunette in a legitimate two-piece suit and silk blouse, dressed for a serious interview, is first to arrive. She claims experience but is vague and has no portfolio. Pat explains that this will be a “fetish” movie, and that “fetish” means spanking. Since there is no evidence of experience, Pat wants an audition. Maria is pretty enough, but poor camera angles have hidden her face until this closeup when she realizes she must take a spanking then and there.

Off with the jacket. Maria feigns another shock when Pat takes a small hairbrush and a little paddle from a desk drawer. OTK, skirt up, to display frilly thong-like panties, garter belt, and stockings. “My God,” exclaims Pat, “you certainly have dressed for the part.” The handspanking, paddling, and hairbrushing are trivial and boring, but Maria has a quality, entertaining tush and it has been fun to watch the girl be maneuvered into this circumstance. Skirt off, back OTK, wispy panties down. Silk blouse off, bent over the desk for more silly spanking but a good closeup. Interview over. “We’ll call you.” Not.

Second into the crucible, which we see is a second floor motel room with an outside entrance, is ‘Brandi Coldwater.’ “You’re late.” “I couldn’t find your office.” She is a frizzy helter-skelter brunette and once again poor camera work fails to catch her face. We go through the fetish/spanking explanation. This dolly does a cute acting job in confusing “fetish” to mean an hors d’oeuvre. She should be getting what is going on here–SHE is the hors d’oeuvre. OTK, up with the pink flower-print dress, nice red transparent string bikini stretched over a bottom which surely pleased the casting director. Up on a chair, pants off, nice winks. A bit of the diaper position on the chair, we finally see her sweet charming face–no reason to have waited this long. She’s done. “Do I get the part?”

And last is ‘Nicky,’ a delectable youthful reddish blonde, who completely undresses immediately, even bare feet, and puts pretty sky blue silk panties Pat has at her elbow and hands her. Nice trim youthful natural body. This is a spanking we are eager to see. OTK, panties bunched. When the panties are pulled off, they puddle sweetly on the floor. Nicky struggles naked on Pat’s lap, bottom high, feet kicking. Over the desk, nice winks in an extreme closeup. The crew knows Nicky is the star of the show. Lovely facials too, and sooner this time. Finally: “Is this enough?” Guess so; she hears while she is standing naked, rubbing her bottom: “We’ll be calling you tomorrow.”

It seems the producer has been watching through a hidden camera, explaining the central placement and posing action. He returns, they are amused at the day’s catch, and he proceeds to fire Pat, having presumably gotten his rocks off and now access to the little morsel Nicky on the morrow.

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