Shilo Prison For Women – NUWEST

4 Sep

2F/3f; time: 31 minutes

Very early NU-WEST old graphics, and the production quality we associate with this era from Ed Lee. Yet, we found this film very erotic.

The film opens with a fully-uniformed nurse, on the phone, standing beside a gurney. Three female prisoners who escaped have been captured. They will be brought to her for enemas before they are put in the “hole.” The nurse has to call her boyfriend and cancel a date. He wants to hear some of the details of what will happen to the prisoners.

One at a time, three girls are brought to her, two brunettes and a very young ‘Joanne Jameson.’ The girls wear clean white undershirts and full panties and nothing else. Each lies on the gurney in the conventional side position, the nurse pulls down her panties and inserts a tube. There are the usual shots of the emptying red bag on the trolley. But otherwise, there is no detail. NU-WEST excelled in later years in some of the most explicit enemas. A prison matron stands by to observe. There will be very little audible dialogue.

The girls will then be whipped, one at a time. Each is brought into another room and, in front of the attending nurse and the matron, another matron will whip her with a martinet. The girls lose their undies and are cuffed to a spreader bar and hauled up, quite naked in front of the three dressed, uniformed females. Good frontals for all three during the process. Dirty feet from the studio floor. The attending matron calls out the strokes. There is the slightest trace of a smile on the nurse’s face.

The whippings are very mild, typical of early NW standards. Good facials of tears. The rope holding the spreader bar is loose enough to allow some writhing, which may be the biggest contributor to the excitement. And of course, a very hot young Ms Jameson.

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