On the Take – CALSTAR

8 Sep

M/2f; year: 1992 time: 34 minutes

One of the popular and productive themes in CP films, working girls trade their bottoms to stay on the job. Two prostitutes market their wares on a street corner in broad daylight. Guys pass by, but no takers. A very British Bobby is watching the action. He approaches. “You’re working girls.” Two blondes, one is the actress ‘Sam Johnson.’

The Bobby suggests they take him to their apartment to settle matters. They take off their coats to flash tarty lingerie. The girls offer him bribe money, understanding the shakedown, but no, he wants “discipline.” Remember, this is England! The girls are not phased. “Yes, we have quite a few customers like that.” He takes Sam OTK. The girls are quite accustomed to this–it is a good trade. Let him have his fun, then he goes away.

After Sam loses her panties, the second blonde gets the same spanking. They move to the couch for the flogger–the girls’ apartment seems to have all the equipment. Sam’s skirt up, panties down, the her roommate’s bottom is displayed side by side.

He finds a cane, and the girls’ fun seems to be in some jeopardy. He reminds them he could easily turn them in, which means some jail time. “There isn’t much choice, is there?”

“Take your clothes off.” Both strip off the tarty underthings and display absolutely full bushes. They kneel together on the couch. The Bobby carefully inspects their bottoms.

Sam takes her caning standing, her friend steadying her by holding her hands. 12 strokes; when he adds a few more, “You bastard, you said 12.” The roommate takes her 12 and we call it a day. We suspect the girls will pick a different lamp post.

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