Caning All Hours-Tales of the Rod #5 – CALSTAR

9 Sep

M/f; time: 29 minutes

Adult actor ‘Jack Uppitt’ (David Charles) plays a smarmy and opportunistic shopkeeper who catches a comely blonde shoplifting, really loading up. He takes her to the back room of the shop, and in an interrogation filmed mug-shot style, we learn she is foreign and does not want any contact with the police.

Uppitt searches her, frisks her really, rather a grope, including a hand down her pants, where he finds, among other things, a candy bar. “I’m going to thrash your bottom.” She accepts, in lieu of the police. “You’re going to be here all day,” one of his regular lines. He takes her OTK, slacks down, just a thong. As he scolds he yanks down the thong and steadies her on his lap with a handful of her blond hair.

The girl must stand and take off the rest of her clothes–kick off her panties and remove her top. Very nice, an important part of the film. Naked, pussy flashing, Uppitt makes her do PT–run in place, twirl, star jumps, touch toes, the best exercises for a naked girl.

The spanking continues. Hands-on-chair for a handspanking and strap. Uppitt can’t resist handling her hanging boobs. Another of his lines, she must return “every week, or the police.” He waves his cane–he is fully equipped in this storeroom. He spreads her legs, as he always likes to do. Fully 30 strokes are shown, varied colorful angles, repeats. Closeups, unmistakable welts and stripes. One very low stripe appears, almost to her knees. We’ll have to replay to see how that happened. At the conclusion on this session, she is in tears and can’t get out her lines.

She knows she must “come here to please know what that means.” She is sent upstairs naked, to dress and wait for him in his quarters.

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