I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry – KANE

9 Sep

time: 49 minutes

An older film, distributed by CALSTAR, but we later identified as aKANE product. ‘George Harrison Marks’ will narrate three playful spanking scenarios, in the magazine style found in his films. He introduces himself as the editor of KANE magazine. He is going to “recreate” spanking stories people have brought to him.

In the first, in a plot line we could not decipher, a male attorney by the name of ‘Mr. Novo’ seems to have earned corporal punishment and gone to a professional establishment to receive it. After the appropriate interview by the house Mistress, he tries and fails to select an implement to be used, so she selects the one he doesn’t want, a cane. She calls in another girl, a completely naked blonde, to do the work. Marks loved his nudie interludes. The Mistress strips down too, Novo loses his pants, and takes 12 mild cane strokes. [Marks’ big shepherd can be heard barking somewhere]

The second segment features KANE’s ubiquitous ‘Oscar,’ who meets a very cute short-haired brunette ‘Theresa Green’ in the “punishment room.” She’s been sent to him by her husband to break her of the habit of wearing schoolgirl clothes. He shows her the implements and she begins to undress–blazer and skirt off. Oscar is disappointed by her full white panties. He likes “little tiny knickers.” He handspanks her on a chair, but she must piss on him, so she is sent to the bathroom to rinse out her panties, which had been at her thighs. We have the ‘wet-panty’ setup.

School tie and shirt off, no bra, charmingly naked, very nice. We’d let this girl dress like this at home. She has to pull on the wet knickers with the usual grimace. More handspanking on the chair, cat-o-nine-tails, panties down again for the cane. Frontal glimpses of a cute full and vintage bush. Oscar teases her with the cane tip in naughty places, then gives a wild but mild caning. Marks all over the place–good thing it was gentle. He gives her a coat to go home in, naked, leaving her ‘uniform’ behind.

In the third scene, the wife of solicitor ‘Novo’ from the first episode is going to be punished. Another solicitor has been sent to her house, briefcase in hand. We see a sloppy house and an unkempt but pretty young lady in just a chenille robe. Novo will proceed with a divorce, unless of course she takes some instruction from this guy.

Novo has a suggested “a damn good thrashing.” “A thrashing?….from you!?” While she is getting coffee, the guy takes implements out of is briefcase, including a cane. We didn’t seen how he did that. “What are those?”

OTK she goes, she claims for the first time. Naughty stockings and thong under the robe. “Oh, yes,” he admires, when he sees them. She takes off the robe and panties and is down to just a shortie nightie. She kneels on the chair for the cane, an unusally full puss because she has a smaller bottom than normal for a CP film. She counts 12. The camera zooms between her legs. “I’ll be back tomorrow.”

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