Saddle Sore – CALSTAR

9 Sep

F/2f; time: 50 minutes

Horse farms and spankings; the owner of a horse stabling farm, an attractive brunette, tends a beautiful horse in a corral. Lovely exterior country chateau scenes, as CalStar often does. Two pretty sisters arrive in a fancy car.

The Owner is in her office; there is some dispute between the sisters and the Owner about the accounting for their horses. The girls seem to be trying to cheat the Owner, and when she calls them on it and threatens to call their father, she has set the stage for the spankings she wants to give. She will give “sound thrashings”; the girls capitulate.

After almost 10 minutes of dialogue, the blond sister is the first to go OTK. A standard spanking, skirt up, except maybe the blonde begins to bruise faster than normal. It is a long spanking, the thong comes down, about six minutes.

The brunette volunteers and receives the black CalStar paddle; same for the blonde. The Owner is clearly getting more and more into the scene–lowering her threatening voice in domme-like style. The brunette is the first to strip naked–white blouse and bra off. The brunette strips next. The two girls stand naked–two nifty unenhanced bodies, the best part of the film.

The Owner has a cane standing in the corner. The brunette kneels on the couch for about 25 strokes, various angles, repeats. Boobs hang, unmistakable welts. Convincing.

The blonde is next, very naked, no stockings. Almost 30 strokes, same repeats, welts, marks, facial closeups. Sexy but not severe, and one of our favorite canings. Per usual, the two bottoms are compared side by side at the conclusion. The girls dress in front of the camera, providing a little more nudity.

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