Caned by the Tutor – CALSTAR

10 Sep

F/2f; year: 2010 time: 51 minutes

A buxom brunette fumes as she waits for a student, late for a tutoring appointment. “Where is that girl?” ‘Phillips,’ a tidy little brunette in schoolgirl kit, arrives. “You’re a half-hour late.” She has forgotten her books, so there can be no lesson. But there is a paid-for hour to burn, so a spanking seems in order.

Phillips is taken OTK, lacy panties down, there seems to be some bruising from another time. Bend-over the couch for the black CalStar paddle, which is still around after all these years (if in fact this film was really made in 2010). Panties down. The tutor (who herself could entertain us if she were spanked) shifts to the cane. A lot of whining (“Be quiet”). Slow fondling and caning. 12 strokes. Closeups of scattered stripes look real. The tutor is clearly enjoying this. “You won’t be a naughty girl any more….put your knickers back on and go watch television.”

The second student to by tutored is the well-spanked actress ‘Emma Brown,’ whose hair has gone light-brown here, and, ever so slowly, she has lost some of her ingĂ©nue character, so maybe this is a 2010 film. This is a house call; Emma is on her cell phone, a BlackBerry, so maybe this is a 2010 film. She is still smarting from a spanking she got from the headmaster yesterday.

The scene is the dining room/kitchen used in many CalStar films. Emma also forgot her books. And she complains to the tutor about the headmaster’s spanking. “I can just about sit down today.” Right in front of the tutor, she takes a cell call. That earns her a caning. We guess no one is home at Emma’s house.

The tutor goes to her car for the implements. Emma is forbidden to use the phone but she does it anyway, sharing every tidbit with a girlfriend. Bend-over for the cane, panties down. The tutor notices the headmaster’s handiwork. “Well, well. You have been a naughty girl.” Nice scripting to account for a recent filming Emma must have done.

The caning will start on Emma’s knickers back up, out of respect for one of the favorite bottoms in the CP trade. About 10 strokes, Emma is quiet, low shots feature Emma’s well-turned athletic thighs. Knickers down, there’s that tattoo, still not worn off after all these spankings. About 25 strokes on the bare–repeats, angles. Emma is allowed to rub before the next round. 15 more strokes, seems not really possible.

And we are not finished. Even though Emma jumps up and begs, she gets 10 more, and still more, “just six more to go.” The tutor is loving this. “Not a word of this to your mother.” Emma gives her the finger a she leaves.

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