You’ll Love the Feeling – CALSTAR

10 Sep

MF/2f; year: 1983; time: 54 minutes

Another playful product, surely made by KANE, with ‘George Harrison Marks’ probably hovering somewhere. And the film features ‘Paula Meadows’ (aka Lynn Paula Russell), who made just a few CP films and then concentrated on spanking art, illustration, and editing for the CP magazine trade. This film is 5 years prior to Meadows’ wonderful ‘Kane Assignment.’

Paula, as ‘Suzette,’ is the plaything for her mistress ‘Kate’ (actress Zoe Jardine);they are on a day trip to a country estate to visit ‘Ingrid’ and ‘Charles.’ The country folk await their visitors at the pool. Suzette carries a heavy bag, and this is only a day visit. But she forgot to pack her mistress’s “bathing costume,” and soon finds herself upstairs, getting her first whipping of the day. She has been stripped down to a thong and gauzy maid’s apron. The Mistress Kate now wears a leather B&D outfit; all this stuff must have come out of the bag. And now we see this day visit is for some CP and switching sexual fun. Charles and Ingrid, part of the scene, sneak up to watch what they know are the commencement of the festivities.

Suzette is whipped with a martinet and ‘slipper.’ Ms. Meadows is about 34 years old in this film, and presents a trim little inviting, wiggling, spankable figure, from every angle.

Lots of scenes and fades–GH Marks’ style. Charles and Ingrid gambol in the pool, she almost naked in the skimpiest possible G-string and he in a racing suit few men his age could get away with. Kate enters the water in a borrowed suit. Charles begins spanking Suzette poolside. That is why she is here. Fun and games.

Charles decides to take Suzette off to the “woods” for some playtime, but they stop somewhere, where he changes into a loincloth and she into criss-cross leather and chain B&D gear. He whips her at a tree and strings her up, mild stuff, especially if you have seen any more recent Russian films where peasant girls are led to the woods for some instruction. The scene concludes with some simulated doggie-style screwing, Suzette’s turn to get off this time. Mistress Kate and Ingrid have crept out to watch. Charles is permitted several orgasms on this busy day.

The four people drink wine in an open field and we fade to a candlelit dinner party. FADE again. Charles has stretched Suzette out naked on her back and arranged chocolate, strawberries, and whipped cream in the appropriate places. Dessert for everyone, and the only pubic flashes we will have. Charles spanks Ingrid and gives her a fucking–he is still at it as the sun goes down. Kate and Suzette interrupt the pumping to say their goodbyes for the day to head back to civilization. Everyone had a good day! Orgasms all around.

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