Harwood School for Girls – ABV-103 – NUWEST

11 Sep

F/2f; year: 1986; time: 51 minutes

The scene opens with Ed Lee and ‘Anne Bowman,’ both very young in this early performance, sitting in a school office. Lee: “What this school needs is a return to good old-fashioned discipline.” Bowman: “I agree.”

We cut to the barren sound stage, a sort of storeroom, with a spanking trestle in the background. A basement or stroeroom ius always a good place to spank schoolgirls.  Bowman will take matters in hand. She will spank actress ‘Mische,’ first over her knee and then over the commercially constructed spanking trestle. Little Mische is bent over the trestle, adolescent skirt thrown up, panties discarded to the floor. Bowman uses a ruler. Facial shots and much from an overhead camera. Bowman tells Mische: “Kyrie will be next.” Mische takes her tight little bottom to the corner.

Blond actress ‘Kryie Kelly’ is called in next. The three actors in this film were all frequent performers, who continued their careers. You might still get an ass whipping from Bowman if you look hard enough for a website where she can be contacted. The girls will prserve their modesty with their skirts, this is early stuff, all about illicit bare bottom spanking.

Kryie is handspanked OTK then goes over the trestle. She wears a light blue dress, and quickly her panties are thrown on the floor. Same ruler paddling and same camera angles, including a nice closeup. Ms. Kelly is often lionized as one of the early groundbreaking CP actresses.

FADE. ‘One Month Later’ Ed Lee is now scolding the girls. “You’re going to the punishment room.” They have been fighting, and they wear different clothes from the above scenes, a detail not always overcome by some CP producers. While Lee watches, Bowman does the spanking, wearing a plaid outfit we’d hoped had been retired. Mische kneels over two chairs, her panties discarded again. We have learned, after all these years, that this configuration can be described as the “Winchester position,” after a British school which used two back-to-back chairs to paddle its boys. Mische gets the ruler again, and a big, dangerous strap, and a paddle.

Kyrie is next over the chairs. The strap she gets is even more menacing.

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