Navy Stripes – CALSTAR

11 Sep

F/2f; time: 28 minutes

Another military-uniform CP film, named ‘Absent Without Leave’ in some places. Girls are easy prey when in uniform. We think of early ‘Sophie Fennington’ in ‘Canings and Cold Showers,’ and ‘Vida Garman’ in her several much praised  CHEEK-TO-CHEEK episodes. Our favorite of those is ‘Military Discipline,’ which features the insouciant redhead rascal adult film star  ‘Sarah Jane Hamilton,’ getting just what she deserves.

In this iteration, two girls in silly Navy uniforms (one is the actress ‘Catherine Corbett’) await a hearing before a disciplinary board for being AWOL. They are aware that a caning is a possible punishment; Corbett is incredulous that such a thing could be possible. Very enticing setup, this is.

A female superior officer, with Domme written all over her, castigates the girls and tells them she can punish them here and now, even before the Board hears the case. This smacks of double jeopardy, which sounds pretty reasonable to us if the punishment is spanking. The brunette explains the cane to Corbett. “Oh my God, will we keep our jobs?” The Domme orders the girls out to the courtyard for some PT, an opportunity for CALSTAR to once again depict cold stone institutional walls. The girls do star jumps, toe-touching, and pushups, their efforts competing with songbirds on the soundtrack. “You two are so unfit!”

“Get into the hall, now!” Back inside, they must take their skirts off. Ms. Corbett looks shocked. “You can keep your knickers on, for now, anyway.” The first WREN, a brunette, bends over a chair and takes 15 snappy on-the-money cane strokes compensated by three outstanding camera angles.

“Right. Pants down.” 30 more strokes are shown. This is always a brave actress. The Domme teases her with the cane between strokes and keeps adjusting her bottom, which doesn’t want to stay still, to maximize our view.

Corbett is next; 15 strokes on blue knickers, over a chair. “Right, knickers down.” That delicious command, plus Corbett hooking her fingers under the elastic of her panties, are essential structural elements of this fun. Ms. Corbett shows her stripes nicely and gets 30 more. One of the camera angles of the repeat sequences shows she is sniffling and gasping. She flexes her knees and recoils between strokes. Yes, she’s been caned a few times on video, but acting must come easy when the caning is this well done. After all this, they are sent to the disciplinary committee, where it should all happen again. High marks again for CalStar.

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