Caned in Wet Panties III – CALSTAR

16 Sep

F/2f; time: 47 minutes

Another entertaining variation on the theme. ‘Mrs. Faircloth’ (the Scottish actress ‘Jean Bradley) calls her daughter’s school. Students have been bullying the girl, specifically two. Since the headmistress can’t deal with the girls either, they will be sent to Faircloth. “I will deal with them.”

The girls arrive by elevator, smirky and curious. They are admitted. Faircloth explains she is going to take matters into her own hands. “You two deserve a good punishment.” This all seems a joke until the girls hear “I phoned your parents….you’re getting a good bare bottom spanking…and more, a caning, across you wet panties…it does hurt more.” Somehow the girls know it does.

Blond ‘Williams’ (Hannah Martin) volunteers and goes OTK first. Handspanking, full white panties. Faircloth takes them down. “Not on the bare, please.” She has a beautiful, full bottom perfect for CP. Brunette ‘Millicent’ sits on the couch. giggling. Doesn’t she know she’s next? Williams bends over a chair for the CalStar black paddle, floppy strap, and a larger paddle. She is then sent to the bathroom to soak her knickers. She turns to mug in the camera, as if to say, “You guys getting a good look?”

She returns with the knickers and Faircloth makes her pull them on. “Oh, freezing cold.” “Right. A caning on your wet panties.” Almost 20 splat-strokes, repeats, panties down for 5 more, a rousing caning.

“Right then, Millicent,’ your turn.” Same OTK spanking from Faircloth, full white knickers down. Millicdent develops blisters just from the handspanking. Over the chair also for paddle and strap. She also soaks her panties and takes a lesser amount, 12 strokes. Two blood spots can be seen. 7 or 8 on the bare, a very bruised bottom, showing the differences between actresses (and maybe how many roles they had recently).

Skirts back on, the girls sit on the couch in wet knickers, looking a bit too composed, as if this scene were filmed in the beginning with the couch scene. Final scolding, they are still a bit cheeky, so Faircloth decides to add a little PT–star jumps, toe touches, once again difficult to do with the sore bottoms we saw. Final bottom inspection, pants down, two feminine tushes, just desserts, nice casting.

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