Jennifer Brooks Meets Ed Lee – NUWEST

17 Sep

M/f; year: 1992; time: 23 minutes

An entertaining iteration of the “Ed Lee Meets” interview series, worthy of few extra lines here. Jennifer Brooks was developing her own CP career and stopped by the NU-WEST studios to get a gander at this famous Ed Lee guy. The two spanking titans will make for some instructive dialogue. (She is going to have a problem with her paycheck though. They spelled her name wrong.)

Blond Jennifer is tall and very lean, willowy thin, here, in a black cocktail dress. She sits with Lee in the interview chairs and discusses her fascination with spanking as a child, not an altogether strange story for us. She was mesmerized by images of her friends being spanked by their parents, began sneaking glimpses of Hollywood spankings and any reference she could find. She grew up not finding anyone willing to really get into spanking with her. (This part of her fetish development we find difficult to accept.) Finally she cajoled and coerced a boyfriend, but he wasn’t spirited enough.

Finally Lee and Brooks step center-stage for the first spanking, OTK on her skirt on the solid low armless chair Lee keeps for the purpose. She mugs for us sweetly as Lee spanks, as if to say “Here we go!” and gasps from the first.

Back to interview, Brooks discusses her film work at SHADOWLANE two years ago, with Eve Howard, and the spanking parties she is now doing. Brooks interviews as a smiling, affable, playful, and mischievous actress, accenting her dialogue with a nervous laugh.

The next spanking session in on her black slip. Lee tells us he is keeping the good stuff for later. “Ooh,” she breathes. Lee likes spanking talk. “So you’re a brat, are you?” “Sometimes.”

After another long interview, the spanking is down to pantyhose.

More talk. So, is it getting a little warm down south?” “You’re a mean guy,” Jennifer says, more than once, and sounding not completely kidding about it. She has surely heard, and we have read, that Lee could get out of control now and then. When Lee tells Jennifer is “spankable,” she genuinely wants to know what that means.

In order to maximize the fantasy of the upcoming bare-bottom segment, Lee wants Brooks to identify a naughty and deserving act of hers. A “reckless driving ticket” strikes a chord with him.

OTK again. Lee peels down the pantyhose. Brooks: “You do that so well.” She kicks and scrambles through the bare bottom segment. “You’re a mean guy, Ed Lee.”

At the conclusion of the film, Lee wants Brooks to drop her panties for one final camera shot. “I don’t trust you.” Lee utters an “Ooh” (for all of us) when he sees his blotchy, bruised, red-tinged handiwork.

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